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Idea for an event.


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Aion is a game that receives very few new players, this is because the players in the game are already very equipped and it takes a long time to catch up with the veterans of the server.

One of the hardest things to get in the game and is the reason many give up. 

is the ultimate transformation.


-I propose an event where for 2 or 4 weeks, daevas must collect an item in a recycled dungeon. 

-The reward is 1 per account.

-They must enter 7-10 a day to the instance, In this way it is ruled out that many use multi-accounts.

-The boss should not be easy, to avoid Bots.

-Daevas can be absent for a maximum of 5 or10 days, for people who work.

-It is a unique opportunity, many will return to stay.

The prize to achieve will be the opportunity to have a random ultimate transformation

PD:  The number of players is small, if they want to recover a large part of the population, they must give in. An MMORPG can generate income even with skins if its community is happy.  A paytowin event and a free event.


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this doesn't sound like a bad idea... but here is a crazier idea...

Develop more content for the game..
Allow every single player to be able to get such content(armor, mounts, xforms, weapons, accessories, skins) even if they have to grind a lot, bring down the p2w wall that only 5 people of what is left of the population is able to spend on p2w events, also if you make events allow players who spend x amount to get some reward out of it... I do not know how many players have spent thousands and quit the game cause they get no reward or end up selling their accounts to buy other accounts with what upgraded their original account was missing or rmting those items... and no I am not asking you to punish this people because Ncsoft is solely at fault for their predatory p2w tactics that are worse than rl casinos...

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