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Seige Schedule


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Hi I am creating this topic specifically to see if anyone agrees with me and maybe if NCSOFT could help us...

Primarily i would like to see siege come back to every day of the week...

We currently only do siege twice a week...I personally don't think it's enough...even just 1 more day added to the schedule could substantially help the life of the server in my opinion!

I just feel like more people could have a better chance of making it to siege if siege was more often thanks!

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So welcome storm...good to see yeah and glad to see someone post...personally I'm just looking for a way for anyone new to be able to get AP...as of right now everything cost exp marks and AP...yornforged weapons are fully craftable if you have the kinah or AP and exp to craft them along with deava skills and a couple other items...anyone coming to play the game as a new player is going to want to farm AP for these items! They dropped instance entry on herelym mine so...I would like an opportunity to get some extra siege AP during the week after work some other people in the server might need it as well...I also don't think we have the server population for another faction! Maybe a balaur class or character race look that you could choose as any class you want example "assassin, gunner, etc...". idk a whole new faction would be a little weird...ESO is the only game currently with a trifecta of factions for pvp! anyway love to hear your thoughts again ;)...

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