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Renown level 6 in Apsaranta Legion


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So I am about to hit level 5 in all legions and finally be able to get a 3rd 4/4 reward on quests (even though I couldn't always do all quests), and right about now we are getting another name reset!!!


But suddenly the Catastrophic Arrow went level 6 yesterday and something weird happened in the UI.
First this is how the UI looks when you are at level 5 (and did all 3x 4/4 rewards):


When I hit level 6 and did 3 quests I saw that the UI is kinda bugged. Not only the Attempts went from 3/0 to 2/0, but also the bar says "Complete" yet it still counted those 3 quests I just did.


When I finished a total of 4 quests since I hit renown level 6, the bar went full and the "Claim Reward" button became activated, I claimed it and I got once again the final 3/3 reward (the XP and the FS box).


Now the UI shows again "Attempts 3/0" (like the level 5 UI does) and the bar doesn't move when I do more quests for this week of course.

I assume going to level 6 gives you 4x the rewards on 4/4. I'll wait to see what happens in the new week when I reach that point again. It sucks that right when we are about to start getting some XP from those 4/4 rewards we are getting a hard reset again.

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I have an update and it is equally weird like the previous week.

So this Wednesday I log in and see this image on Catastrophic Arrow fresh without doing any quest yet!
As you can see the completion bar and the Attempts are glitched, but the reward information shows the first attempt rewards.


I did 4x Catastrophic quests (camp 2 Asmodian, Chests on Elyos base and 2x quests on Camp 9 Asmodian), the bar went full and I claimed the first reward (I forgot to take screenshots on that). The bar does move when you make quests and the Attempts now show 1/0.
But as you see with 0 quests into the next Attempt, it still shows the 1st Attempt rewards.


Then I did one last Catastrophic quest (Camp 5 Asmodian), the bar went one more quest on and now it shows the 2nd attempt's rewards in the info.


P.S. I just hit level 5 in Blackfang, so I can enjoy one more Attempt on it this week before the hard reset! Isn't this game great :D


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