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Feedback: In-Game Survey


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I would like to warn the community team that whatever survey they send in-game may not get accurate results. Many people in-game and in that Aion Discord are planning to submit non-serious survey answers or even survey answers intentionally crafted to put your game at risk. Earlier I have mentioned that players exhibit irresponsibility when it comes to socialization and the latter also spans surveys sent by NCsoft; it was also suggested that these players exhibit cult-like behaviors against NCsoft, this making them capable of consumer suicide. These players are also radical in nature and thus most likely don't know what they want from NCsoft; the latter statement is historically accurate, time and time again when changes are made by NCsoft by request from the players they turn around and say they want something different. I would suggest instead of surveying players at this time, that you do whatever is best for profits, as this would also be best for players. NCsoft will always have executive function superior to players, as they have the money and the resources to make the best decisions.

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