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Pvp is just broken in this game.


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Im sure there might be a few players who are actually truly great at their class,but most honestly are just carried by gear or hacks.

Arenas are broken its a pvp game yet ppl Top arena by pveing and killing Afks how can you have a Rank system with this style of gameplay.Arena should award nothing if Afk to make people participate.

OpenWorld same old asmo and elyos Xform and in their little groups with their pay2win gear facerolling players who probaly have more skill than them.

Rant over but the actual really good pvpers left this game long ago in retail,now its just a cesspool of overgeared targetting undergeared and pay2win hackers that think they are actually good at pvping.

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Get the gear and faceroll them. It takes a while but it's a MMO... :(


The only time this bothers me is when those geared players do it just to cuck you from doing something. In tiak for one, when they camp your undergeared QE group just so you cant finish quests lol. Why? Cause they are toxic...

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