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Reduced reward half for not taking a break....


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Like title said I got a warning not taking a break (playing the game for too long) and my loots got reduced in half then I'm no longer loot anything in game LOL

I'm not botting or do anything illegal, I just farm named monster for Tough Acorn and some white rubbish amor sets for my own remodeling, I'm using Spiritmaster and park my character at the spawn point so the monster would argro me and my pet just kill it then the loot will auto loot by my pet , (this is method take ton of time cause the respawn time either 5 minutes or 15 minutes depend on monster level). So, I went to bed and let my spiritmaster pet do the dirty work :) I woke up this morning the giant message on screen with a warning of violated  Rest Breaking level 1 and I'm unable to loot no more unless I log out and TAKE A BREAK from Aion. I'm not upset at all since this game I play just for killing time, I was laugh because the dumb message and loot blocked and anything I do after that will give me no reward included EXP ===> I have to log out hahaha :)

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