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Is the Asmodian side of Apsaranta harder than Elyos?


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Can an elyos confirm to me that their side is as obnoxious as ours?

So in camp 9 we have two types of mobs that are sadistically designed, the Daphne Squads that do stuns and aether hold and that stupid camp loves to RNG in favor of getting that quest quite often. Then it is the Tyrmhound (or whatever they are called), they do aetherhold for 1 second at EVERY HIT and it is not possible to resist it with any buffs, even remove shock or the shield that increases resistances to stun/aether etc is having 0 effect on them.
~Does camp 6 have similar things for Elyos? Do elyos ever have to eat those obnoxious mobs in camp 9?

Camp 13 has a type  of mobs that are also awful and it seems I get this bs quest like every day. It is the mobs that transform you into a mongrel and the flying mobs that do a stun every 2 seconds that lasts 3 seconds each. Who the hell designs these mobs and how can I let him know he failed as a human?
~Does camp 10 have any mobs like this? Do Elyos ever have to kill those obnoxious mobs in Camp 13 as a quest?

Camps 11 and 12 also have those perma stun mobs, as an Asmodian I only face them in camp 12, in camp 11 there used to be a quest that is thankfully removed some patches ago.

Doing these camps as a soloer is like hell. I am absolutely curious for the elyos side and what quests have obnoxious mobs.

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