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so i was told that this game is dead in an older post, but lazy peon did a review on the game and their seemed to be a lot of people.  I was also told  the game is crap because people just use spies and stuff to win everything.  So is all of that true or is the game good and if so what faction has the most population?

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14 hours ago, 1s31507 said:

so i was told that this game is dead in an older post

The DeadServerTrollComplainingAndCryingBabies are the cancer of gaming today.

However this server dropped dramatically its population from a nice to start 25% to 9% due to big and minor mistakes of Ncwest team.

Starting with last december i noticed a slow but constant growth of pop but the real question is: will this server survive to opening of EU server next month?

A good percentage of population come from EU and they will most probably join a local server mainly for ping and time zones.
Also traditionally gameforge is more strict against hacks/double faction accounts/offensive gamers and this is good for many players but not for all. Bots is a different chapter as they are ever present in any game ..

In this scenario if the NA pop will drop again under certain percentage ther's a small chance that also some Na player will follow Eu players (friends/legion/better population proms).

What i can say is Aion is a great game (whith all its bugs) i tried many other MMo but i ever back to Aion. I think peple will play aion still for a lot of years but actually is very hard to guess wich server NA/EU will be worth  to roll/reroll now (Eu date is TBA yet but is scheduled for end of march).

Gameforge already shown to have closely observed NA classic experience in theyr classic announcing news. But is too early to guess if this will lead to a better game experience.


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