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  1. Can we get a fix?

    I have both Jake on DN and KT. There is only one Jake, forever and always. #Johnnywalker #ThereCanBeOnlyOne
  2. Can we get a fix?

    So I love the new xform buff this past maintenance, but I don't love the fact that Minion buffs now break hide. Think we can fix this come next week? Thank you. <38
  3. If you were active at any point during the old forums you would know of me.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sniVJoTrxg Like seriously, I gotta basically afk every IB pug or not because of this. It's sickening. Yes I run Battleping, Yes I run shugo console, No I don't run anything else. This happens every match, can we stop it already? essentially a invisible barrier is created around me and I cannot typically get out of it unless pulled by templar or death. In this case it was on the stairs so I managed to get out somehow but as you can see I can't go through it. It's like a circular dome wall that's thrown on top of me. I am assuming it's a bug with the IB Sheep/Cleric skills, but this is just tiring.
  5. What a Shame

    Don't know who made that tier list, but they're garbage. SM will always be a contender for the best class in game due to fear. No fear, I can see S rank still and maybe A. I won't even go into all the other issues. Clearly someone who hasn't even attempted skilled play. *insert ego face*.
  6. BOS- Stuck

    Last bomb should be on the NPC in the generator room. Don't worry. It's also a randomized map now too as far as what floors you need to go through. You don't go through all the floors (each map variant I had has had it so it skips 1 floor between 2-4)
  7. Side note -- I wasn't intoxicated. But I do love the whole he/she comment when everyone* already knows who and what I am. I haven't had to change my toon in ages since I roll with the same look on all toons but I do recall you can open up the feature to change your appearance even without a ticket. Don't know if this has been changed or not. Nifty for some if it keeps allowing you to use them, but really pointless to me. But hey, maybe I'm just biased. It just seems like a waste and not really worthy of going for it. *anyone who has played this game since it was actually decent and was an active person in the community.
  8. It's not about how long it takes someone to recreate what they want. It's simply why the hell would you put a timer on it anyways? What was the point? They went through extra effort to intentionally put a 60 minute timer. Why?
  9. What a Shame

    So I am going to assume you've never played competitively. Yes other classes are easier to play than others to get similar results. See SM since Aion birth. See Templar since 3.0/4.0. Point is, the game is completely different at a skilled level of play. Those 1-2-3-4 button iWin classes, although far easier and simpler, will not win as easy at higher level skill play, and the catering to their simplicity is their downfall. At a skilled level of play, assuming equal gear, many classes deemed weak actually are superior. The issue we truly face now, is that no one has skill in this game because of all of the mechanics that encourage the lack of it. I'll be the first to admit I'm not even as sharp as I used to be because of how this game has gone, with certain skill updates (i.e. vision stigmas/daeva skills) and enchantments and gear upgrades that I can play with cruise control rather than actually trying and genuinely PvPing. PvP is a dead art in this game. Skill doesn't matter. And honestly the sickest part is that RNG isn't even the fault (which is used to be). It is a complete embarrassment to admit that I wish we had the game back when godstones were the greatest fear in a PvP fight.
  10. But really though, a Surgery ticket (60 min)?? Like am I the only one seeing this? I'm just completely lost. Why? What is the point? Is Heaven real? Does Hell exist? What is life? Why am I here? Life questions that may never have an answer to... a tragedy.
  11. Thank you Ncsoft

    With all due respect and fairness. It took them like 3 years to fix Dredge on Divine fort before. God bless Zikel and all the free gear of the thousands of medals Elyos got because they had the fort for free for 3 years because Dredge was too bugged to attack and take it.
  12. What a Shame

    not to say whether or not I agree with Gundam's Rotations, but the fact remains that a skilled sorc will still win in PvP, and it's relatively that simple. Gear aside ofc. --- this is the biggest issue with the current game.
  13. What a Shame

    Why you telling me this when I already mentioned the fact. Yes you obviously gotta use more of your toolbelt these days due to damage vs eHP or w/e you wanna call it. Point is you still HAVE that massive toolbelt to continuously counter and react and shutdown. Point is, Sorcs still have the ability to maintain control of their fights with proper reaction and game knowledge. Yes it is more difficult, but that applies to all classes. It's just Sorc is like Sin in that it is a skilled play class vs something like Ranger/SW/SM where they're more so 1-2-3-4 pewpew and even if they get locked down they can still pewpew with their autorecoverbuttons -- and skilled play has been long lost on this game since Tempering solutions came. Much like when they nerfed UD and all the glads rerolled because omg I got stunned, it's simply a matter of you have to play more skillfully or die. But that's why I rather play these classes. It's much more rewarding in that sense.
  14. Login Screen Soundtrack

    cant tell if horrid singer being too close or nyerk poor pop filter.
  15. What a Shame

    It's not about whatever patch it is, as the gameplay has remained the same. If you have the game knowledge and understanding, you don't need burst as a sorc. Sorc's have the ultility belt to constantly render their opponent useless for an exaggeratedly long period of time. You just have to know how to play, but that's the problem. Skilled play has been lost on the current players of Aion. It was bad during 2.0, somewhat okay during 3.0, drop dead on 4.0 and there were no Sorcs 5.0+. It's all about Reaction Time + Game Knowledge, which no Sorc currently has and hasn't had for years. It was easier in previous patches due to damage vs HP pool differences, but still the same aspect applies. It's harsh on the class though cause it's squishy so naturally reaction time is dampened due to the human reflex of fear and panic but there hasn't really been anyone close to mastering it in years.