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  1. I solo the camps for 15-20mins and then be done and call it a day for AB.
  2. You basically get at minimum 5m/3 days for 2 minutes of effort. So 50m/month. A lot of the daily quests offer kinah which essentially repays what consumables youll be using while playing the game. There is a variety of items that the market has been very much after with the new update as well. I'll give an example, although not a lot of income, its easy and passive income. Fine Elemental stones have been deleted from Balaurea maps, and can only be obtained in AB. Thus the price for them has skyrocketed because theyre a baseline mat in pots/consumables. There is a morph to take 1 Magical Aether and make 2 Fine Elemental stones. 1 Brilliant magical aether can be bought for 40-45k (asmo side) which gives 27 Magical aether. Assuming the higher end of 45k, thats 1.666 kinah per magical aether. Fine Elemental stones are selling for 3k-4k each. So at 1 Magical Aether (1.6k), you get 2 Fine Elemental stones (6-8k). You can easily get a thousand stack just after a few hours of play if you're conscious of morphing. The margin is high but the speed is still not super, but its passive and think how much dp you waste when you play when you could be doubling/tripling kinah. That is Aion, you gotta be a bit more lucrative. There is many ways to make kinah. We will be getting 3.x patch soon in a few months, if youre buying daeva pass save your 95+ stones, theyre gonna be super valuable then when people are rocking 60aug2 and need to enchant. edit: Asmo and Elyos sides vary, diff markets for diff people. For example, Attack 5s were still about 1mish on elyos when they were going for upwards of 2m on Asmo side. My 600+ stack was worth bank lol.
  3. Welcome to the Elyos faction m8. We got tshirts and other merch. Support our cause.
  4. 6000/45 is is ~133. It took 133 Attack 5s to end up with 0 socketed on both my sin and glad on a single piece of gear. (142 on my Sin's 50e pants, ~160 on my glad's gloves). $6000 gets you 1 piece of a 5 armor set not including weapons to socket. We at $30,000 for a full set of gear. Granted some pieces go in relatively nicely, sub 50 stones, but yeah, this screams Korean business, and we all know Koreans don't know how to make money.
  5. There is a level 40 Warrior named Gobbles that is holding a high rank capable of xforming on the Asmodian side. It is very clearly a GM made toon, but it is holding one of the very limited xform slots. This has been going on for quite some time, please delete the character or remove the AP. Thank you.
  6. If you do campaigns and just run Kromedes Trial at 40 about 2-3 times, and SR 4x times, youll ding very close to 52. Once 52, just do Talocs Hallow 3x and youll be 55. You dont need lodus amulets to really level, they kinda force feed you xp now.
  7. People have their full ABG/GBG sets, but they dont necessarily hit 13,000 Daeva Potential with it, so they have a 2nd set of the 55 elite (gold not eternal), socketed with evasion +17s, to hit the 13,000 for the free godstone. It definitely sounds like something that is a joke or troll, but this is literally the meta to get the 13k points.
  8. As far as I know people are using the 55e set (not eternal), and socketing full evasion.
  9. A really good way to have done this, to be beneficial for both NCSoft as a company and the player, was to offer the 5x Manastone bundles that let you choose which stones to obtain, much like the ones we can buy in the event npc shops. Can we get some brains behind this, this isn't even dropping the ball, this is "you have no idea what game you're managing".
  10. They moved 1 fort quest to 1 artifact. So you do still have the ability to earn without the forts, however you still get more plats by taking the forts. You also get plats from the siege itself. There is still big incentive to take the forts.
  11. You get more plat medals, they didnt nerf they buffed the medal gain. Also you get up to 6 plats from taking the fort. It's why some people have full ABG already.
  12. Tac weapons have higher base stats than most SW weapon counterparts. They have only 1 of the 3 needed stat mods though, which is why theyre just used as a placeholder until you get an actual end game weapon. Stormwing weapons were never best in slot, nor good in comparison to other 55 eternals. The fact remains though, that Stormwings chainsword is leagues better than the Tac weapon due to the added stats, as well as the fact that Exe skills have high base attack, and chainswords have a high base damage, to where 30 attack isn't going to provide a noticable damage difference. Chainswords have a very gross crit multiplier, to where even in SR gear with no pvp accessories, youll still crit 3-5k's in PvP. The crit on the Stormwings > attack difference. Aim for ABG obviously combined with another 55 eternal that offers attack/crit/acc, and that's the same meta all classes are in right now. edit: good news for Exe's, Parry or MR is going to be the meta due to how gross the weapon is functionally designed. So Manastones aren't an issue once you can hit 600-700 crit. (also why SW > Tac)
  13. My exe is full stigma build. General cookie cutter aside from the buffed version of Current Armor -> Lightning Armor. Level 55. They literally give you free stigmas and theyre all in line with the current optimal setup right now. edit: Several group campaigns that go into instances are now soloable with a solo option. L52-55 takes less than 1 hour due to Talocs Hallow having buffed xp from the 5 bosses. (40-50m/ea). Daemon tokens can be used to purchase a stigma box for each class, the box is tradeable, the stigma once used is not. Defeating Vanktrist in Solo Crucible gives 1 of 3 stigmas. Theyve been giving out Major Ancient stones to purchase Replenish Lightning, Sleep mode, and Charged Strike. They have given 2 heroic grade stigma bundles for Charged blow and Blidning light strike. SR now gives each class 2 stigmas for completing a quick an easy 2 quests (killing a mosbear and pheonix). Just some tips.
  14. Depends on how Quna is stored. I'm pretty sure its placed separately, kinda how LFG is it's own "game", that is simply displayed inside Aion.
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