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  1. Jokes on you, best instance wasnt even an actual instance! It was the Black Claw Mau farming to level up back in the day!
  2. You know what's really funny? If they made an ultimate xform on BCM for 8000 BCM they would make so much money it would break the NCSoft quarterly earnings. It's hilarious to think about, but they aint running this game to make money.
  3. I can say, as someone who has played since the closed Betas, that I can understand your frustration with the current business model. But I will also say, that in these over 11 years now of playing this game, these past few months with Kibbelz and Loki have been the most progressive this game has seen. The sheer level of communication, transparency, and action being taken is unheard of compared to the entirety of this past decade. Also understand that limitations have greatly reduced since launch, and that we have a genuine team actually working for the positive b
  4. I want to give a huge thank you to you Kibblez, as well as Loki. This direction and engagement is highly appreciated.
  5. 1. I'm fully aware of Windiel and XP marks. 2. I have like over 2k-3k Legendary Etium Don't need to farm for that. Thanks for the tip though, might help others. 3. Where are the NPC's located now in their respective territories? 4. META = Most effective tactics available or something along those lines, basically the most efficient method/approach. What would be the current most efficient way to farm these stones? This question has been answered. It's remained the same. I just need to know where the turn in NPC's are now or if it's changed at all.
  6. Haven't tried to convert any since the latest patch. What and where are the current best means to covert PvP Enchant stones. I got a little over 700 gold pvp enchants I'd like to make into legendary to hopefully one day get ultimate dark talon. tyty.
  7. I've only xformed once. Back in the day, when rifting was a big thing in Eltnen and Morheim, there was a free quest to teleport you to the enemies side if you were between levels 21-28 I think. Well I had saved that quest and didn't complete it, next thing you know I'm xformed in Eltnen with end game gear on my old glad killing baby toons cause why not.
  8. The KT Server goes wonkers and down for 5-6+ hours at times. That's 5-6+ hours of uncontested content. Guaranteed GC weeklies there and other farming activities. Does all of DN overall wish to have their server brought down for 5-6 hours each week?
  9. Kibblez, assuming the current issue with KT server is not fixable on our (NA) end, would it be possible to propose a survey to the players on the DN server, to ask whether or not they would like to endure downtime to have a reset much like KT experiences (if and when KT experiences it)? Most people dont access the forums, but I think if a yay or nay survey was sent to all those who log into DN, could get accurate feedback. Of course express the negative and positives to the issue. Just some food for thought.
  10. honestly that isn't malicious like the thing I said, that is fking beautiful. God bless Valor.
  11. I'd have to find it, as the person deleted the video on youtube, but I remember when an Asmodian was rifting and pissed off a GM's friend/toon to where as said GM took control of an NPC Guard, teleported it up into the mountains of Eltnen and had it kill the kisk and the Asmodian rifter. The craziest part was the graphical glitching as said NPC Gaurd kept changing from male/female variants. It was hilarious and also set the precedent to what abilities NCSoft had with the game. Kind of like when CM Bubbles was in her shadowy form on the North Gelk fort during a Zikel seige da
  12. To be fair, NCSoft NA does have a history of intentionally cracking down on a specific faction/server. The first and original mass ban afflicted Asmodians, which is what lead to servers like Zikel being Elyos dominated and crushed permanently, as well as lead to the eventual closure of Oceanic servers. In all honesty, this was the first step to Aion's downfall, all the way back in 1.5 (the launch version ironically).
  13. I'm just going to go ahead and say it. PvP died officially come 6.x -- n o o n e c a r e s PvE is all this game is and minor DPS boosts in an instance or during a zerg raid -- l o l Glide hacks are probably the worst thing to worry about.
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