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  1. Is the game worth returning to?

    If you're going to be playing with friends, short term yes. You will have some decent play for a little while. For solo/longevity, no.
  2. Gear gap / Skilled vs Geared

    Skill vs Gear in 4.x Me in full bloodmark, out dpsing someone in full IS gear. Me in full bloodmark, killing people in full pvp gear. Skill vs Gear in 5.x what is pve lultempspvp Skill vs Gear 6.x and onward PvE is very linear, do each tier to advance to the next. This has probably been the most stable and simple PVE gearing. Yay they removed Godstones/temp solutions! but wait theres more! Enemy has 1 gear set above you? They will 3 shot you nearly instantly. You have 1 gear set below them? You might be able to 20 shot them.
  3. Cheater_KT

    Weaving properly is free extra damage with little to no sacrifice to any damage input from skills. Until they change the combat and attack mechanics, weaving will always be extra free damage. To think otherwise just means you don't know how to weave.
  4. Weaving is still a must and is free damage when done properly. With that being said, unless changed after these many years, crit modifier is based off of mainhand weapon. This is why we use Daggers instead of swords on the mainhand. Swords provide more DPS on average due to higher base stats but you want that higher crit modifier. S/S Sins used to be a thing back in 1.5-2.6 when you could literally 3 shot people due to the massive amount of damage in comparision. However with the current game, just use what's best that you can find, aim for at least a dagger in main hand for faster base attack speed + crit modifier. Use whatever sword/dagger you can get ahold of. I'll still say that D/S is best, but D/D provides slightly more speed if you got below 50ms ping to utilize it. The game is so broken in terms of min/maxing DPS that it's cancerous. It doesn't matter as much anymore.
  5. In Memory of Instagib

    I'm surprised I didn't know about this and very shocked. Very sad to hear. Stuff like this is very heartbreaking especially since a lot of us having been playing together for years and years. Here's to the good times when we all trolled each other. Gibby boi you'll be missed.
  6. Cheater_KT

    What's even funnier is if you knew how to weave you would have killed him. Would have been a nice turn around lol
  7. There is a HUGE misconception about PvE/PvP attack and base line attack stats. A lot of people seem to think essentially it's additive. I.e. If you have 15k base attack, and 2k PvP attack, you'd have 17k attack in PvP. This is SUPER wrong and it's extremely baffling. Even if it were true the later bits in formula make this thought rather silly. I'm not sure of the exact formula, as ever since a little after the 5.x change in PvP formula damage increase for PvP is very obscure (i.e. back then 10% PvP attack could increase your PvP damage by say 26% for example). Not sure of the exact cause, but damage scales, not additively.
  8. EC Compensation

    24,000 Blood Medals (terminated item exchangeable for approximately 24 million Abyss Points). 132 Battlefield Combat Support Boxes 792 Legendary Etium 396 Ultimate Etium I got the Etium fine, but only 100 Support Boxes and 10,000 Blood Medals. Is this supposed to be the case? Anyone else with similar experiences?
  9. Can we get a basic guide

    So T2 is still the best in slot? With this as 2nd best?
  10. So Vandals got nerfed?

    Sounds like 2.0 Gladiator heroes.
  11. Of the new Katalam gear, how to obtain, costs, effectiveness?etc. Would appreciate it
  12. Aion 7.2 is coming?

    Well in short, she's no longer with NCsoft Every time I see your name I always remind myself on how I could have made 10k+ off of selling my old D2 accounts with all the perm 08s and shit but yet I let that stuff hit the 3 month mark.
  13. Aion 7.2 is coming?

    Last time I've seen a post like this was during the Bubbles era. good god. Careful Cyan.
  14. Can we get more Violent Tuca spawns

    Hold up. Random item isn't even the issue. IT'S A PROC TO GET THE SHINY? There's so many things wrong about this aspect it's not even funny.
  15. Can we get more Violent Tuca spawns

    DONT GET ME WRONG, this is the best event Aion has seen since some many years. It's just needing a little optimization so everyone can enjoy it, as well as some support behind it. Oh btw, 2nd wave at night was cleared out within under 5 minutes for the Violent Tucas. We are in need of more of them. 10 Minutes for the whole entire day to get 1 item of 6 for a weapon, that's not feasible for 99% of players.