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  1. What a Shame

    Sorcs are very powerful with one hell of a utility belt. Much like Sins, you need to have a good sense of reaction, and game knowledge to effectively play. Sorcs have the tools to 100-0 most classes. It's a matter of how skilled the player is (after considering gear for obvious reasons [huehue6.x]).
  2. So this happened..

    You know the game is broken for PvP when Aly makes kids rage. god bless.
  3. That moment when

    You realize transformations are account bound and not by character. God bless Im gearing my glad again. Long Live Tzu, Long Live Zikel Asmos.
  4. Weaving in 6.5?

    You want to know how myself and other lesser geared sins have always done more damage than those with gear in both PvP and PvE. Weaving. Sad part is most people can't do it properly. There is a science behind the timing.
  5. So it's been ever so evident that NCSoft KR is much like Nintendo, in the sense that they have no true knowledge of marketing or how to run a business. I don't know about NCSoft, but Nintendo has been banking off the fact that they have tons of previous profit to fund whatever crazy gigs they want. The whole point of why Aion has been alive for so long has been the sense of the fast paced and fluid combat system. There's way too many issues for anyone to continue playing aside from the fact that out of any MMO, Aion has had the combat system down nicely. If it didn't feel right and play right, people wouldn't keep playing considering all of the nonsense that has occured in the past 9 years. With that being said, IT IS A NEED for the game to allow people to obtain a decent amount of Movement Speed + Attack/Cast Speed. I know we're still new to the patch, and honestly I'm not sure if the 50% cap has been removed, and with end game gear allowing more attack speed, but the game will not succeed if people continue to not be able to obtain the previous minimum of movement and attack speed to at least feel like what it should be (i.e. 30%+22% run speed, 19%+8%+9% attack speed). I know you guys are limited in what you are ALLOWED to make an edit on, not what you are CAPABLE of, as been proven in the past, but do understand, like all patches the new patch feeling will wear off soon, and if people can't play at a decent pace, it will drop off quick. When the rates are so abysmal that even players who drop bank on the game still can't get minimum stats from patches prior, that's a huge issue. This is a needed change for the health of the game. It needs to be addressed.
  6. Cyan PLEASE

    Let me buy a Kromede Minion Contract. ty boo <3
  7. 6.0 info

    LOL as of right now, Gear > Skill, genuinely for the first time (patch 5.0+) due to class imbalances and current op mechanics -- but with the 6.0... 60% Attack Speed? Cap is 50%, I wonder if they're removing that or if it's just going to be extra padding for attack speed slows.
  8. I Need Advice Please.

    Mace shield used to be the go to norm due to MACC on Maces for skills like Magic Smash. Due to skill revamps and new gear types, Sword/Shield is where it is at. Forgotten basically said most of everything you'd need to know. Bear minimum stats are easy to obtain, what you really strive for will take a lot, but it is managable. You can hit over 1.5k crit/5k Acc and solid attack with final end game gear.
  9. Shaky Hands Trouble in PvP

    Don't feel bad, even I get this sometimes when I come back. Only thing you can do is just practice and build confidence. As far as tips, feel free to PM me, I'll try to answer as much as I can whenever I am online.
  10. Kicking people in EC is allowed, comfirmed

    Man I haven't seen this kind of beauty in years. Good job kiddo. You do the old us proud.
  11. Looking for old friends from Kahrun!

    I messaged Eucliwood for you. I dont believe he is currently playing the game anymore.
  12. Wind Spirit Helm. Been gone out a reliable way to obtain in game for a while now. Thank you.
  13. Tia Eye Chests

    Been out of town for a few weeks, haven't been on to enjoy the best event for some years to come sadly. As far as the Tia Eye Chests, are they the typical spawns from 3.0? Or have they been reworked? I've killed a few keymasters but yet to see a chest.
  14. 6.0 info

    Whoever made this video can't weave properly. Weaving will still increase the damage for sins dramatically.
  15. Rerolling sorc is it a mistake?

    Sorc is the Magical equivilant to Assassins at this point. Gear dependent, heavily skill reliant. You will either suck or be a god. Bad gear + skill = free kill, good gear + skill = you can't lose. Unfortunately, although still relatively simple (if you're new to the game and used to the crutches maybe not so much), its skill curve is far higher than any other caster. Same as Assassin. However once you master it, and learn how to properly PvP, you can win almost any fight as long as you have your basic CD's.