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  1. Aion 7.2 is coming?

    Well in short, she's no longer with NCsoft Every time I see your name I always remind myself on how I could have made 10k+ off of selling my old D2 accounts with all the perm 08s and shit but yet I let that stuff hit the 3 month mark.
  2. Aion 7.2 is coming?

    Last time I've seen a post like this was during the Bubbles era. good god. Careful Cyan.
  3. Can we get more Violent Tuca spawns

    Hold up. Random item isn't even the issue. IT'S A PROC TO GET THE SHINY? There's so many things wrong about this aspect it's not even funny.
  4. Can we get more Violent Tuca spawns

    DONT GET ME WRONG, this is the best event Aion has seen since some many years. It's just needing a little optimization so everyone can enjoy it, as well as some support behind it. Oh btw, 2nd wave at night was cleared out within under 5 minutes for the Violent Tucas. We are in need of more of them. 10 Minutes for the whole entire day to get 1 item of 6 for a weapon, that's not feasible for 99% of players.
  5. Can we get more Violent Tuca spawns

    The other ironic thing is the crafts have a 22 hour cooldown. Why horde the love?
  6. Can we get more Violent Tuca spawns

    The ironic thing is the people doing this clearly don't need the gear, if anything it'll be similar to the minion contracts on the big world bosses. Hello broker.
  7. With both factions going at them, all Tuca's were dead in the morning release in a little under 20 minutes. Now we got legions camping potential spawns. Jake just wants an ultimate weapon to feel proud of himself, let's add more spawns /increase spawn rate so everyone gets a chance at an ultimate item this event!
  8. Vote Jake for NCsoft NA

    So let's get to the dirty gritty. 1) Everybody is unhappy with the lack of communication and direction NA Aion is currently going. 2) NA Players need a voice as several people are providing a hefty return in the NCSoft payroll department. 3) Aion has been dead before but never this low. 4) ??? 5 ) Profit. Vote Jake to be employed at NCSoft NA to pursue the changes desperately needed before NCSoft NA is left without a paycheck (Sorry Cyan but I hope you're updating you're resume cause at this pace you'll be out of a job NCSoon™!) Let's Make Aion Great Again #MAGA
  9. What is the benefit to do Crucible Spire these days?
  10. Can we get a fix?

    I have both Jake on DN and KT. There is only one Jake, forever and always. #Johnnywalker #ThereCanBeOnlyOne
  11. Can we get a fix?

    So I love the new xform buff this past maintenance, but I don't love the fact that Minion buffs now break hide. Think we can fix this come next week? Thank you. <38
  12. If you were active at any point during the old forums you would know of me.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sniVJoTrxg Like seriously, I gotta basically afk every IB pug or not because of this. It's sickening. Yes I run Battleping, Yes I run shugo console, No I don't run anything else. This happens every match, can we stop it already? essentially a invisible barrier is created around me and I cannot typically get out of it unless pulled by templar or death. In this case it was on the stairs so I managed to get out somehow but as you can see I can't go through it. It's like a circular dome wall that's thrown on top of me. I am assuming it's a bug with the IB Sheep/Cleric skills, but this is just tiring.
  14. What a Shame

    Don't know who made that tier list, but they're garbage. SM will always be a contender for the best class in game due to fear. No fear, I can see S rank still and maybe A. I won't even go into all the other issues. Clearly someone who hasn't even attempted skilled play. *insert ego face*.
  15. BOS- Stuck

    Last bomb should be on the NPC in the generator room. Don't worry. It's also a randomized map now too as far as what floors you need to go through. You don't go through all the floors (each map variant I had has had it so it skips 1 floor between 2-4)