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  1. Hey lowkey god (Loki)

    I think we all appreciate the direction made to preserve the +12 safe spot even after the event. It would have separated us from every other region, for the worse. Admittedly blunt, I say this with respect for everyone working at NCSoft NA, as I do genuinely appreciate the efforts made by all staff even though corporate isn't always healthy. The jobs you and your peers hold will be NCSoon™ gone. The push to ensure we are regionally equal at a +12 safe spot was amazing, but in our region, we need more to ensure stability. Without it, the revenue won't be there. It's very clear that NCSoft isn't after profits, or to make money, as their entire business model suggests another story. I'd advocate a safespot after every +3 levels, until +15 for stigmas. I'd also suggest a wide variety of other things for the game and the community, but I know the current authority and limitations are vastly different than that of when the game launched. I know what authority and abilities the NCSoft Staff had in the past, but not now. I'm not assuming you can do much of anything, but for the sake of yourself and your peers, I ask for you and your team to push for more regional changes to accurately fit the player-base. There have been positive changes for the direction of NCSoft NA, and I'd like for us as a region and a community to continue that. Also respect for the Mr. Freeze ;)
  2. Sin weapon wields in 7.5?

    Use what you get. D/S will offer more damage due to Weaves. D/D offers more speed. Damage difference and speed difference is not truly noticeable. Weave damage is increased greatly via Harvester/PvE% Weapons as well as Devotion and Deadly Focus. Harvester or any weapon that adds the whole 10-12% PvE Damage is the best offhand or combine item. Especially due to the increase in weave damage as well as high base mods like Crit/Acc. Physical attack difference is made up and more by the increase in weave damage as well as the 10-12% damage increase. You also do not need to roll attack speed on Mainhand and can go for HP/Attack/Crit/Accuracy as the harvester will offer 19% as well.
  3. Chaotic Vale is not balanced

    You're free to your own opinion. There aren't really any skilled PvP sorcs out there anymore, and that goes to the game as a whole. PvP died a few years back with the introduction of 6.x, after being on life support due to the RNG bs of 5.x Sorcs can still do an incredible lot, it's just easier as a Vandal. This has been a concept since the birth of the game. Sadly since there arent any skilled sorc PvPers now, they're all playing like a chanter back in 2.0. Much like a chanter, can still beat any class, just needs skill, game knowledge, and reaction. (god bless you Music and your Lannoks staff lols) You're really arguing a point that only someone who has limited vision would say though.
  4. Chaotic Vale is not balanced

    So 1 part there's some truth to what I was saying. Sorc is the magical ranged version of Assassin. Gear/Stats mechanics don't play in their favor and require decent reaction, game knowledge and skill to win where as other classes can cheese a few iWin buttons. This has been a long standing argument. Sorc when played well though, much like a Sin, can control the fight and win nearly every time. It's just it requires a lot of skill and game knowledge. 2nd Part is, well, I'm messing with you. Chaotic Vale is just dumb through and through. It's not even your class, it's everything. It's a horrible instance.
  5. What's happening with the game?

    Maybe you didn't understand what I had said. Every time a CM transitions (also after a big patch sometimes), you will see a few posts by GM's. Happened with Trine, with Bubbles, with Sly, with Nyx, and with Hime. Not talking about producer announcements, I'm talking about casual input and responses from GM's on the Aion forums.
  6. Chaotic Vale is not balanced

    Why are you using a 4 second cast on someone that isn't slept? Sorc PvP 101. You got insta burries and insta sleeps. Use them.
  7. What's happening with the game?

    Welp you're obviously new. We've been through several CM changes and each time GM's throw a post or so.
  8. @Hime

    Hey boo, I know we had some fun history back in the day, but if you could do your boi Jakey a huuuuugeeee favor. Push in for a patch on the whole time capsule thing for Battleground server in the sense that using hourglasses may top-up whatever time is left. I cry everytime that I got 1 hour less from max time and my capsule goes byebye It's more of a convenience thing, ya feel me sis?
  9. KT Asmos

    To the few souls who dared to brave such an exciting journey, Thank you. You alone have breathed more light into this game and restored Aion's soul once more, even more so than the current company behind the game. But seriously, thank you. Such an act is a reminder of what this game stood to be, and reminds me of the 1.5-1.9 days when training world bosses to base camps and screwing everyone over for the lols. tl;dr group of Asmos did an awesome job raiding the main Elyos base in Lakrum, say bye bye to broker/soul healer/equipment purification/etc.
  10. Are transformations scrolls still a thing?

    If there was a time to return to Aion NOW would be it. That time window is growing smaller though. There is an event that is currently going that gives you a free legendary xform with minimal play within 1-2 weeks. This xform will cap your attack speed/run speed and be all you truly need. If not, hope for another event. Otherwise this issue is far better than the previous scrolls. This is the least of your worries if you're wondering to get back into the game or not though.
  11. Is the game worth returning to?

    If you're going to be playing with friends, short term yes. You will have some decent play for a little while. For solo/longevity, no.
  12. Gear gap / Skilled vs Geared

    Skill vs Gear in 4.x Me in full bloodmark, out dpsing someone in full IS gear. Me in full bloodmark, killing people in full pvp gear. Skill vs Gear in 5.x what is pve lultempspvp Skill vs Gear 6.x and onward PvE is very linear, do each tier to advance to the next. This has probably been the most stable and simple PVE gearing. Yay they removed Godstones/temp solutions! but wait theres more! Enemy has 1 gear set above you? They will 3 shot you nearly instantly. You have 1 gear set below them? You might be able to 20 shot them.
  13. Cheater_KT

    Weaving properly is free extra damage with little to no sacrifice to any damage input from skills. Until they change the combat and attack mechanics, weaving will always be extra free damage. To think otherwise just means you don't know how to weave.
  14. Weaving is still a must and is free damage when done properly. With that being said, unless changed after these many years, crit modifier is based off of mainhand weapon. This is why we use Daggers instead of swords on the mainhand. Swords provide more DPS on average due to higher base stats but you want that higher crit modifier. S/S Sins used to be a thing back in 1.5-2.6 when you could literally 3 shot people due to the massive amount of damage in comparision. However with the current game, just use what's best that you can find, aim for at least a dagger in main hand for faster base attack speed + crit modifier. Use whatever sword/dagger you can get ahold of. I'll still say that D/S is best, but D/D provides slightly more speed if you got below 50ms ping to utilize it. The game is so broken in terms of min/maxing DPS that it's cancerous. It doesn't matter as much anymore.
  15. In Memory of Instagib

    I'm surprised I didn't know about this and very shocked. Very sad to hear. Stuff like this is very heartbreaking especially since a lot of us having been playing together for years and years. Here's to the good times when we all trolled each other. Gibby boi you'll be missed.