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  1. Just an update since a lot of people don't know yet, SERVER TIME is MOUNTAIN TIME ZONE. There was a change a few weeks ago. Dredge timer is 12 p.m., 8 p.m., 10 p.m. Server Time (for example, EST is 2 p.m., 10 p.m., 12 a.m.)
  2. Did you complete the original pre-req quest that will award you the Time Activation Stone? (you'll need the 20 and a rift essence for it). The NPC for the pre-req is inside the main city (Sanctum, Pandaemonium). Check for a dark blue quest marker on the map. After completion, to obtain another there are 3 NPC's that offer daily quests to obtain another one. 2 of which require another 20 scales and a rift essence, while there is a Shugo in the Eye of Reshanta that offers a daily quest that only needs 5 scales, and 1 rift essence.
  3. We had 2:31 left on the clock. We did wipe a few times. Was a few things even I had forgotten was a thing. Give it a week or two and S Rank is puggable, Taha will take a bit more. That's what I learned at least.
  4. All 6 of us haven't ran DP in over 10+ years. We learned that S Rank is a freebie. Taha sucks though. Was a good educational run.
  5. I'm going to note some silly things. This is from the first quick glaze, but I'll add more after. This is just for clarity since there is a hard fail from NC NA vs Playerbase. "Changed the pattern of 'Leader Bakarma' that appears in Draupnir Cave. The field of view has been changed to be smaller than before. Changed the skill pattern. Attack power has been lowered. We have lowered the ATK and HP of the summoned monsters. The following curtains have been added around the appearance area, and when Commander Bakarma leaves the curtain, the battle will be rese
  6. So many people here just out right admitting that they have little to no clue about such an old game. If you're worried about hide, you're at a very low skill level for PvP play.
  7. I think the biggest struggle for me right now is not getting too comfortable with an extendy set. It makes things far more easier. Biggest issue now is zergs.
  8. Classic doesn't follow 100% like retail, and the various patches and updates include different things at different time periods. Classic follows it's own updates and patching, and if you look towards Korea, it will be feature new content never seen before on retail. We get Dark Poeta and B. Dredge in one week. Fort instances will come around the next patch update, we are still 2 years from seeing Gelk/Igg.
  9. The Pink Griffo supposedly loots as well, just not shown in the description. but why pay extra
  10. We want a permanent loot pet. the 90 sub option is the closest thing to that assuming you're paying for siels aura anyways.
  11. People aren't getting banned for doing that. No one has been banned for that so far. Stop continuing to spread that misinformation.
  12. People weren't banned because of multiple turn ins in SR. This was widely known. What had happened is Kibblez made a generic post and people took it and ran with it, going off the only thing it could be was doing multiple turn ins. Kibblez even came forward to confirm that multiple turn ins was not the issue. There were (and still are) several genuine exploits in SR. The two main ones that got people banned was the entry quest chest hacking, and the wines quest NPC that let's you sell items (kinah limit was not in place for this NPC, you can buy 1000 Candies and sell 1000 Candie
  13. bring back the Buttered Cat Paradox.
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