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  1. Chain/Parry is far more effective, for both leveling needs as well as endgame pvp. Evasion requires too much sacrifice to make it work, and then it has the lowest chance of occurrence at a 30% cap. (Parry is 40%, Block/MR is 50%)
  2. Just a reminder, all classes gain a damage increase when moving forward. You know you have the passive effect active indicated by the arrows on the screen when in combat mode.
  3. If you can't understand why any financial company would utilize twitter, you are just saying your ignorant to how the world works. Probably look up black stone and if you get it, you'll connect the dots.
  4. https://www.aiononline.com/news/shugo-game-event First games start date is on the 11th.
  5. Posted times are always based on Server time. Current Server Time Zone is Mountain Time Zone. The server originally was CST based, however a couple months after launch of Aion Classic they switched to Mountain Time zone. Just use a converter for free online to compare what that would look like for you, for example, I live in EST, which is 2 hours a head of Mountain.
  6. I don't normally ask for compensation, but hey, please? I'd love the 100k ap for my next 50e piece.
  7. Can't tell if troll or genuine tbh. There are people who think I use stuff, which I like cause it's like an ego boost. I'd be a lot more geared if I was using anything special.
  8. The only glitch that occurs is when someone is targeting you, i.e. a group member, or another person with eye up, and someone targets that person. This is why as sins we always tell people not to target us when we are in hide. Everything else, is radar hacks. Ironically targeting people with radar hacks is basically using the same glitch. Something about models loading into the world I think, not entirely sure.
  9. Close one, but that's not what is happening. I'll give you a hint, some people stopped playing and decided to do something with their accounts, like posting it up on a website and yadda yadda all this influx of high ranking players that have never been seen before are just people who bought accounts and changed names.
  10. 50E is still the best armor set in game at 2.x (L55). If you get 50E, you are relatively set for life. 40E is still viable just as it is now. You think people used the crappy PvP eternal gear that they came out with? No. The lack of set bonus and miniscule increases in stats make it a PvE set tier that you waste too much AP/Medals on. 2.x is when they got rid of set bonuses and tried to phase it out, realizing they gave too many good stats. The fact that 50e/40e/30e (for some classes) are still better in 2.x, is the outcome of that.
  11. Holy. Yes, yes, yes. This level of transparency, and NCSoft as a whole acknowledging, this is the exact thing that should have been done 10 years ago. I'm at a lost of words here. Thank you.
  12. It is a known bug since the introduction of untradeable white drops. Something to do with Aions lack of a netcode and flaw with packets. Once again, hitting the "take all" button will temporarily resolve it, but take your time looting. If you're too fast, it'll re-enter the whole thing. The issue is the server thinks you're picking up something else. It's a similar but not quite issue to the whole "if you get silenced then use a spell, and then quickly use a physical attack skill you won't be able to and the game will still say you're cant do that cause you're silenced."
  13. What do you want out of the game?
  14. I had hit the "Take All" button and it resolved it for me, at least the next mobs I've looted took it in one go.
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