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Paragon Sale


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Okay so nice and all there's a Paragon sale, but the fact is it is a complete waste to use Blessed Paragon stones because they only enchant at half the rate of normal paragon stones - so if someone buys a 5, 6 or even 7 box and spams blessed they are likely not to get to 9...maybe the 7 goes 8.

We need lots of 0s and 4s, like dozens and use regular paragon stones to get 6 and go from there. 

In essence, give us a paragon event before the sale (or why not during the sale?). Asmo market, as I have said many times is pretty dead, so if someone spends their pay cheque to get a 7 and 6 or whatnot they likely won't make any progress for the charcter. If you gave us an event at the same time properly tailored with the sale it would be much more popular and rewarding to players and NC alike.

3 Item sales:


So the +5 is the best "deal", but unlikely to reach 8, possibly even 7. The +6 and +7 are 2 more pieces even more unlikely to progress because the Blessed rate is halved. Maybe you could make the Blessed rate the same as regular ones...that would do the trick. Anyway spending say 20400 BCM to get 3 +7's with 90 blessed stones isnt going to get anyone much of anything unless lucky or decent RNG. 

These packages would be much more attractive if Blessed stones were equal odds OR as I mentioned earlier, this sale was combined with an event.

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Odds of a +7 going +8 with a Blessed Paragon stone are 2.15% (almost 50 stones).
Odds of a +6 going +7 with a Blessed Paragon stone are 2.8%, close to 40 stones.

With normal stones its 4.3% for the 7->8 and 5.6% for the 6->7.

The fact that the odds for Blessed were half of normal stones was hidden from us for 2 years is rather frustrating still to this day. You don't know how many people used the published odds calculating cost and ending up wasting 100s of blessed stones and not achieving +10 *cough*.

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