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I know it was a glitch / improperly implimented server patch, but I have to say today's drop mania was probably some of the most fun I had in Aion in a while. Why? Because it was new. We've always had everything in a database or korean wikis and thoroughly researched ahead of time. We never have to figure stuff out, just look it up and do it.

Today was open season with everyone asking questions about what to kill. Everyone saw the mapwide anouncements and pieced it together. Figuring out which mobs were mirroring what bosses was cool. When I saw Sematariux armor dropping, I was so excited, not because it was money or extracts or skins, but just because it was an item nobody in NA had ever possessed before. That was retail 2.0 content that nobody ever did. I remember a video that one time, one single time, Naruto got his server together to kill Padmarashka  one time before it got made into an instance, but I don't know if anyone ever killed Sematariux.

Today I ran into players grinding in the open world in places i've never seen players before.  I saw officers running around not xformed. There was a reason to be out in the overworld grinding random mobs. I got new experiences in Aion for the first time in a long time. It was pretty great. It'll all be reverted and all the cool stuff will go away, but it was fun to be part of it.

Please don't roll back the two tahabata weapon boxes I procced tho 😭


Plz share a time in aion that you had (more) fun (than usual).

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Same feelings here! This was the most fun I've had in 2 months of NA Classic, the rush and craziness of it all, jumping into a hoard of asmos and yolo/whatever, trying to get fast to the spot unknowing of what will be there, the uncertainty of when server would just suddenly come down, everyone asking questions, both angry and happy people, "whatever let's cross the gate transformed, YOLO!", "oh 20 mobs packed up there, ima WOD them and run". This was more of a fun event in Aion than anything that's happened in (Aion) years. Instead we get (cash) "events" to make people stay 24/7 afk. Yeah ok.

But now it's over I really do hope there is a rollback, even at the cost of my taha box proc and some kinah from BT sales, if people are allowed to keep all that loot it's just (further) breaking the server into a point of no return, and a lot of people will just quit overnight.


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