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Profession revoke option isn't in game


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We should be able to revoke a profession in this patch (2.5) but we don't have 3 options like Aion KR:


I been waiting since last patch for this option and when we finally get 2.5 the option isn't there...

Please, fix it because staff don't want to give me a service that should exist in the game.

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No one from staff says anything, I sent lots of tickets asking for this service and they can't help me with something that should be in game already.

C'mon, I pay for siel's aura and daeva premium pass, been supporting this game since day 1 and now we just asking to have something that should be in game, I sent a ticket asking for it then you guys said to create a forum post about it, I created a post about it and now no one says anything, not even that automatic message "we are investigating", this is a very poor customer service.

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On 2/21/2023 at 11:45 AM, Azii said:

This is the korean update. When is this going to be added to NA classic?


This is the original patch notes Korean 2.5 patch notes. Where is the revoke button/function in NA? 

This is a screenshot from the Chinese server, patch 2.4 now. We are missing the third button to abandon professions. 


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