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Stormwing HELP


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Hi guys,

I always die on stormwing with my templar. Can you give me some advise how to tank corectly and  what to do please. Thank you.

I have full fabled UDAS gear on lvl 52 with manastones HP+85 , Entachment 2+

UDAS sword attack+4 , UDAS shield HP+85

With chanter buff almost 15k HP.

I use deff stigma tree. I don't have last golden stigma. (Colecting ap)


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Gear, HP and Stigma aren't the problem here. It's only the positioning.

SW is very hard on movement, that's why ppl use the crack-method (much less moving and so much more save).

You as templar stand on the right back pillar, tank it there and as long as you aren't experienced enough to know when or when not... DON'T move.

To find the correct positioning... just watch Ponci

You need a clear line of sight to your healers in the crack and same time standing on the pillar so not getting hit by the tornados. That seems to be not much, but sometimes it's just an inch of moving and you're dead.

When SW moves to bit someone else... just don't follow him, he's coming back (as long as you done good on your agro job).

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like khan says, the safest positioning is against the pillar. When you're on the pillar, for some reason all of stormwing's tornadoes from [Threshing Wind] skill go away from you.

In addition to being near the pillar, you need to be 2 meters away from stormwing. If you are closer than 2 meters, you will be in the tornado's trigger range and they will all attack you at the same time when they spawn under stormwing.

when stormwing runs away to your team, you CAN follow to hit it a few times to keep aggro up, but always wait a few seconds to double check that she didn't just spawn a stack of tornados ready to 1shot you.

Around 33% hp left, stormwing calls out, [YES! MY POWER GROWS STRONGER!] and gets a buff. After this point, sometimes glitch tornados will spawn on top of you and get stuck in the pillar. As long as you do not move, these glitch tornados should not hurt you. If you notice them hurting you, you should reposition. It is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to run through stormwing during enrage phase, so you should go around the back of the pillar. This will break line of sight to your cleric for half a second, so be careful and call out that you are moving if you use voice comms. If another aggressive glitch tornado spawns on you in this new location, you need to step towards the center of the arena to pull stormwing back, then run around stormwing to the south wall. This is your final safe spot. if that spot gets glitch tornados, you're doomed lol. I included a basic drawing for you :)

Finally, After 33%, Stormwing can hit you with THE WOMBO COMBO. About 4 seconds after [Dragon's Quake], SW will drop a delayed blast lightning strike on everyone's location. The combination of tornado aggro, this delayed lightning, and a special instant cast tankbuster nuke SW sometimes does, can easily deal 20k damage to a tank. THIS is what you are trying your hardest to survive. If you survive this, your party will probably be fine. It usually happens after the 2nd [Dragon's Quake]. There's only a few things you can do to prevent death here.

  1. Cry of ridicule to block dragon's quake and keep your hp as high as possible before it comes.
  2. save empyrean armor and prayer of victory and use them starting at 33% hp when stormwing enrage buffs so your max hp is as high as possible
  3. use iron skin or Emp providence or ask your chanter for  word of spellstopping immediately after dragon's quake stun ends.

Most groups, if you keep yourself safe from glitch tornados, and stagger iron skin, empyrean providence, chanter WoS, and templar 4kDP Nezekan's Shield, you should have no problems surviving the enrage phase. High end groups have templars in full DPS spec surviving enrage phase with just iron skin, so you should only need all 4 of those big shields if your group is really ungeared.

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