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Band-aids for the current population imbalance


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1. One-way Faction Change
Allow Elyos players to be able to swap their main characters to the Asmodian side. Aion NA will not have new players coming in due to how hard it is to start from scratch so the best bet would be to take some of the Elyos population and move them to Asmo. I already know a couple of groups who are down to do this hencewhy I think this is the best move to make. Imagine an Asmodian race that is able to contest world bosses, apsaranta raids, Vielle etc.

2. Implement the Global Broker
I remember reading a patch note saying we were supposed to get a global broker either on this patch or the next. Eitherway, this would be a soft band-aid to help Asmodian economy but still wouldn't address the elephant in the room which is the population and the lack of content for the Asmodian side.

3. Allow Cross-faction Character Creation and the Ability to Move Items via Account Warehouse
Allow Elyos players to create an Asmodian character and be able to move their items via the account warehouse back and forth. This will allow players to bounce between the 2 factions population in hopes to tip the scales against the winning faction. This, however, would bring the most problems as people would just move to Asmodian side if they're winning.


Please consider these suggestions if you want Aion NA to survive a bit longer.

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@GM VegaHello GM Vega. I don't think this was ever forwarded to the appropriate team for consideration to help address our faction imbalance problem. A lot of people spend a lot of money and others work very hard to be able to have fun pvp and mass pvp experiences.

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