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Ultimate Transformation Combination Promotion is going on


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Event Duration: June 27 – July 18 

Ultimate Transformation Promotion 

As a final added bonus, we will once again be awarding players who attempt to obtain Ultimate Transformations via Transformation Synthesis. 

Players will receive a Prime Runestone Selection Box for meeting the following criteria: 

Gain an Ultimate Transformation via Transformation Combination during the promotion period. Max 3 per account. 

Players will receive an Ultimate Transformation Contract Selection Box (4 Types) for meeting the following criteria: 

Consume 12 or more Legendary Transformations via Transformation Combination, without obtaining an Ultimate Transformation via Combination during the promotion period. (Ultimate Transformations earned via other methods such as the Special Ultimate Challenge Box do not disqualify this reward.) 

Prizes (Prime Runestone Selection Box and Ultimate Transformation Contract Selection Box) will be delivered on 8/1. 

NOTE: Support tokens will not be usable to reverse Transformation Combinations during the promotion period. 

It wasnt properly announced in the maintenance note, and its not clear in the news website that there is one, so whoever missed it heres the reminder that its ongoing for the next 3 weeks.


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its not fair, that the game does not properly announces the maintenance notes. For example, I combine all my legendary transformations the 26,  just for the next morning to give ultimate transformation via synthesis. The worst part there is not way to get transformations back or get credit for synthesis because i did it the night before

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Something similar happened to me, to fusion 12 a week before the event and I had saved transformations for more than a year and they put an event without considering people who merged the month

I will not play aion anymore in this company, I hope there are players who follow me, I will go to gameforge

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