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Kromede trial

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its more or less an easy way to level depending on your level upon entering the instance. Theres pretty much nothing worth selling outside of Asparanta to be able to make kinah.. years ago gathering aether was an easy way. NCSoft has made it so that the only real way outside of Asparanta to make money is to buy stuff from black cloud market with real money and list on broker. It's a p2w game now sadly. You have people recently spend hundred of dollars to get paragon equipment on black cloud market with a recent promotion. If that isnt p2w, i dont know what is. I draw the line with that. Lvel quickly to 80,, do the kerub gear quests..start working on asparanta quests to work on acquiring fighting spirit gear. You'll find yourself making friends and helping with people who need the same mobs for the same quests as you..that will be your in to get into one of the better legions to be able to get the best gear or get anything done in endgame. Good luck

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