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Templar in 2.7 and you (A Guide for a dead class on a dead game <3)


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That's right, for better or for worse, after ncsoft detonated the old forums, I decided I am going to remake my old 4.7 guide. In immortalized Video format, so even if THESE forums detonate, it's there forever.  Since I've done it this way however, I will not be doing a text based version of the guide to save your eyes from the TL:DR   

Now.. I'm not saying I'm the end all be all, but.. At the very least I hope this can start as a stable starting point for anyone who is  looking at the class in terms of  how to play or fight it. At least.. From how I've learned to do so.  The video is also in a visual format  that can for the most part be watched without sound  and has sections that take advantage of youtube's 5 second scrolling allowing for easy pausing and switching between certain slides.  (Some sections not all)

Chapter legend
0. 0:00 introduction
1. 1:28 Items
2. 2:38 Gear
3. 6:38 Basic information and skill build
4. 8:26 templar skills and builds
5. 10:21 core templar skill usage 
6. 12:20  Combo showcase
7. Ending

This video is going to cover the fundamentals with an Open Q&A.  In the comments on the video and on this topic.  And if it's wanted I'll do class Vs class breakdowns as I felt they  were each worthy of their own videos in and of themselves


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