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Wrong rewards! The NCsoft team reviews the rewards offered by the Transformation


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Good evening Ncsoft team, unfortunately I was automatically and wrongly rewarded!!
I was rewarded with a "Box rune" in which I fulfilled all the criteria that the "Transformation Coin Promotion" event required! (Consume 12 or more Legendary Transformations via Transformation Combination, without obtaining an Ultimate Transformation via Combination during the promotion period......special final challenge box, does not disqualify this reward.) NOTE: During the Promotion period, ie: June 27th to July 18th. The same was done with Exito! I was rewarded with a box rune?? I met all the criteria! if you look you will see that I was fit. friends of mine recorded the exact server time, where it would be: "17:30 serves time" if you look a little closer, to be more precise in Brasilia time: you will see that I made a combination on the date 07/24/2023 outside of the event and the promotion, in which I got a final transformation "Tiamat" was obtained outside the "Event", at first I only managed to register a photo and the time of my country "Brasilian PM 20:30" the joy was so much that I registered with a picture with my friends!" please review and reward correctly and fairly! thank you



I already consulted the link and the case is even more serious, several players are reporting the same problem, that is, there was a serious error by the ncsoft staff in which it needs to be seen and corrected! I already reported my complaint there, I already marked the "Moderator" and attached the image together!

please this needs to be reviewed, no auto reply please! I got ready for the event! I demand my tribute please team!

@Wissp @Wissp @Wissp @Wissp  @Daeva@GM Oriey@GM Vega@GM_EVA@GM_Foguete

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