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Ereshkigal and Tiamat wronged transformations


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Observing the status of recent transformations, it is notable that Ereshkigal and Tiamat's ultimate transformations are inferior to all other ultimates. It was acceptable while we had in these transformations a loss and compensation of pvp/pve status referring to Kaisinel and Marchutan transformations. But new transformations like Vaizel, Triniel, Lumiel and Yustiel have significant superior stats and don't completely lose one of their pvp or pve defense stats like Ereshkigal and Tiamat.

In my opinion to be fair, as each ultimate transformation needs to be good for the players who get it (as they aren't easy to get), given that we have returning players, and many who don't even have ultimates yet. Ereshkigal and Tiamat need to receive at least 180 pvp and pve defense respectively.

ps: I used google translator hope it is understandablemaxresdefault.jpg

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