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Agent Battle - Compensation?


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( Oh BTW congratz on finally letting us log into the forums after a full week+ of not letting anyone login)

On 9/25/2023 at 3:33 PM, Roseae said:
  • Empyrean Lord's Agent Battle Drop Boost Begins
    • Duration: September 26 - October 24
    • Compensation event for Empyrean Lord's Agent Battle Drop Issue

So, because of your company's  failures we didn't get loot from the Agent Battles from the launch of 2.7 on May 9th until September 15th.

So 18 weeks, 18 less possible belts/extendables because you messed up. And when this was pointed out in painstakingly simple terms it still took you morons nearly 2 months to fix.


Your "compensation" to 18 straight weeks of no loot from Agent Battle.... is to offer double loots for................ 4 weeks?


Last I checked, 18 is FAR greater than 4......

@Roseae it's time to try again on that "compensation"


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