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Customer Service is a Bug


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I'm sorry to do this I know that Customer Service Tickets are supposed to be a separate thing but this is beyond ridiculous.

I'll provide screenshots of my Experience with the simple request I've made But it's been nearly a month dealing with this for no good reason whatsoever.


For Context I had a simple request, When the server merge happened I had 2 characters named Arysana, In anticipation of the merge I logged on to the Siel Character Paid for a Name change ticket and changed the name of the character so that when the merge happened I could pick up that name. I log in on Day one of the merge, and get an error saying I cannot use that name. The Screenshots tell the rest of the tale from here.

CS Issue 1

CS Issue 2

CS Issue 3

CS Issue 4

Keep in mind I have submitted 2 other tickets regarding this issue one with the screenshots requested and the other was to prompt another response. Additionally, the name change ticket that they gave me is now gone but my name is still the invalid randomness. One last thing, because I can't change my name I can't be invited to groups, sieges (Unless I go solo) or participate in any content of the game because it sends the person trying to invite me a message that I don't exist. 

I'm not going to lie, customer service for this game could not be worse than it is. I don't understand why a simple request like this needs to be wasting so much time bouncing the issue back to me for further information when all they need to do is just go and fix the problem. Do you guys pay your customer service reps by how many tickets they respond to? If so this practice needs to end.  

Again, I know this is not exactly the right place for this, but I feel like I don't have any other options.

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