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Classic Server Maintenance - December 19, 2023


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  • Aion Team

Weekly Maintenance - December 19, 2023

3:00 PM PST. See your time zone here: https://everytimezone.com/s/cf481bf6

Estimated Downtime
~ 1 hours and 30 minutes


  • Classic Winter Holiday Festival Begins
    • Duration: December 19 – January 9
  • Store Update: Solorius Form Candy Selection Box
    • Duration: December 19 – January 2
  • Daeva Pass Season 32 Begins
    • Duration: December 19 – January 16
    • Season Ends: December 31
  • Daeva Pass Season 31 Ends
  • Winter Instance Drop Boost Event Ends
  • Challenge for Victory Event Ends
  • VERSUS Event Pass Ends
  • Store Update Special Manastone Bundle Ends
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Hello! Its me again. I'm sure you guys definitely read my comment on the last post. And here I am complaining about the same thing again!

Once again, we have a week rotation in Aion where you are *TAKING AWAY* our events (100% drop rate on Padma, Tiamat, and Stormwing) and providing nothing new to give players a reason to log in besides directly after maintenance to get the pittance you are throwing our way as a **Christmas gift**. Because Santa is definitely known for giving gifts that go away after 3 days like the title and emotion card you are providing us, along with that STAGGERING 5000 event stigma shards and some PAINTING TRACES (Ho Ho Ho!). Imagine giving a loved one a kind of crappy necklace and then yanking it off them three days later. At least last year we got given some enchantment stones, hell, just a few months ago for the 2nd year anniversary we were given a free godstone selection box and some other goodies, why even gift us a gift if its gonna be such rubbish? Aion equivalent of finding coal in our express delivery. Save the shugo, goodness knows enough are vaporized by the thanos snap of express delivery already.

Once again you are providing nothing for your populace to actually play for. Do you really think the same dredgion event with some goblets in it is going to make people dust off the aion launcher and update the client? Increased communication between you and your player base which you have so eagerly advertised as a reason for returning players to take Aion seriously again, with events like the GM's showing up to advertise your black friday sale to us, isn't cutting it. But at least when the game actually has a reason to play it, people like me can find groups for content and our legionmates have a reason to actually want to play.

To those who lurk: nothing has changed.

To those who play: another week of scrounging for groups, doing our dailies, talking in our legion chats while the tumble weeds flow through LFG.

Looking forward to *not* making a post very similar to this next week because surely you will instead add a reason for your players to log in, say, by having the exact same event going on right now just not end. Because thats an option right? You could just...leave it on? Which would be kinda nice.

Much love and kisses, happy holidays to everyone but Still Ok members,

Your favorite F-Tier Gladiator Wolffist


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21 hours ago, Roseae said:

Winter Instance Drop Boost Event Ends

How come? Will you no longer have winter in December?
I understand that winter lasts all winter, but that doesn't seem to be the case for you🙄
OK, drive the sleigh against the wall,
You don't want to attract any new players...🧐

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