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Aion Discord Adds Discussion Forums and Screenshot Contest


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Hello Daevas! We have been updating our Discord quite often lately and we wanted to share some new developments that will appeal especially to our forum users here: forum-based discussion channels!

Discord can often be quite intimidating or hard to keep up with in its chat-based channels. For those that find chat-based channels frustrating, we've added forum-based discussion channels to appeal to those players who prefer a more discussion-based conversation

I myself get exhausted sometimes when I miss even an hour of conversation in some channels and then, have to go back and read everything to keep up. Other players may not even attempt certain chat-based channels, so hopefully these discussion channels are for them. If you aren't in the Discord yet, please head over to the brand new #retail-discussion or #classic-discussion channels to get started. I've also added a 2 minute cooldown to promote more thoughtful responses and prevent chat rooms appearing inside topics. However, this may or may not be too extreme. It will be about striking a balance. Please feel free to send me any feedback in the #discord-suggestions channel.

Finally, we are also hosting a brand new Holiday Screenshot Contest! Get in here and try it out!

Discord Link:


Thank you all!

- Rownen

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