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Prime gaming and the issues of trying to market through twitch.


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It is great that you are doing some sort of marketing for the game but IMO this is not the way. The reason i say this is because if you go to the main twitch page for Aion 3 out of the 4 people streaming 90-95% of the day are people playing on P-servers and no one is playing in NA.

If you look at most other games they pair their prime gaming reward with some sort of twitch partner streaming code event where sitting in the streamers channel for X amount of time accumulates you rewards and some sort of new player event at the same time would of been the way to market this properly. I am not here to discourage the efforts NCAmerica is making but for me this is not really marketing that would make people try the game.

All in all NCAmerica with the discord and so on genuinely seems like they are moving forward from the stagnation they hit in NCwest so that is good to see.

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