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Just came back to Aion quick question

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Been gone for some time but logged in today.  Are the changes of 1 Kinah for transportation and teleporting to quest locations a permanent change? 

If so I may go ahead and start my sub again.  Also, I had heard instances have a solo option now?

Thank you for any response.

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The 1 Kinah transportation is not permanent unfortunately. But the teleporting to quest is permanent though. And yes, most of the instances have a solo option. All of the campaign quests and some side quests have a solo option.  However, there are some quests that require to be in a group.

Hope that helps =).

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Thank you!!   I am going to resub because honestly I miss Aion.  :D   

I don't have a legion and can't play for hours and hours at a time so the solo option is great for me.

And the teleport and solo are selling features for me.  



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