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Forums Transition To Discord Announcement


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Greetings Daevas,  

For years, our Forums have acted as a fantastic hub for our players to communicate and talk about our games. However, as technology pushes forward and new ways to communicate and interact become available, we must also keep our players' needs in mind. On March 12, 2024, we will sunset all our games’ Forums and fully transition to more effective ways of communicating and updating our players via Discord.  

Our Forums will be turned into read-only mode for archival purposes. You can still access the years of community history and helpful information, and we will be opening a new Resources tab on Discord that links to the archive. 
To our dedicated Forum community – we thank you for your years of sincere discussion and debate. We hope to hear from you all directly on how to make our Discord community a home for everyone. 

Discord has allowed us to use a suite of new features to push information quicker and more conveniently to our players, allowing them to customize notifications via Desktop and Mobile apps, and interact in completely new ways that are not possible in the Forums: via chat, voice, and video. We also realize that not all players enjoy rapid-fire messages, and we have forum-style channels available on Discord for those who prefer more curated discussion. 

New to our Discord? Check it out to see things like: 

  • Weekly maintenance updates and notifications (including Server Up and Down messages)  
  • Community Manager engagement 
  • Game news, events, and promotions 
  • Discord exclusive giveaways 

Our Discord channels are always growing, and in the future, we’ll be working towards features like:  

  • Community partnerships and news 
  • Player Bug reports 
  • Expanding upon voice and video channels 
  • Creator partnerships 
  • Additional moderation and staff involvement 

Our goal is that this change will help us continue to give players clearer, more streamlined communication. We are excited to grow closer with all of you by continuing to build fun and active game communities. 

Come join us and take part in developing the future of our community!  

Aion Discord: https://discord.com/invite/kBdNKVWSJ9

Thank you, 
The NCA Community and Communication Team

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