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Looking for old siel players Legion mates


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Hello all, Ii am Turrell, currently playing Tovex (spiritmaster). I quit playing about 3 years ago or so, I am returning off and on here and there ignoring idiots in LFG xD. I am making this ONLY for people that may have some information about legions like Angels Of Anarchy and Combat Smurfs.

1) Chanteria, blossem, epitomia, epitomis are all the same person, from the Combat Smurfs Legion. Any others that may remember me. I am not wanting to join a Legion right now, i am doing my own thing for a while. Such as leveling up, getting ganked my 3 star officers, trying to complete quests and campaigns, lol. Let em kill me i don't care.

2) Jahzz from Angels Of Anarchy, and anyone else from that Legion that may remember me.

Please for the love of all that is somewhat good in this world don't reply to this post unless you remember me of have some info on these players.

Thank you for your time and happy doing whatever your doing! 

P.S. This is for my old legion mates ONLY, you can mail me in game, my names are fixed.

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feels a little touched to see all the old names... 

have never checked forums and suddenly seeing this post on the day happens to log on forum...

Combat Smurfs was disbanded 2 years ago, the familiarity of the name took me a long while to recall it was that legion I both loved and hated...

Chanteria, Blossem, Epitomia, I haven't seen epi logged for a long while. I heard she had been sick once and have been concentrating on families stuffs more. Since sitting in front of the computer isn't too good for her health neither. She have been logging in once in a while for event stuffs, but haven't seen her after merging, might have changed names...she is definitely the one loved this game the most! 

The bridge general, BlueberrySamurai went afk from the game. After a long playing the game does become a little bored. Was same legion drama going on when blue decides to be afk

Clerbelle, her cousin is playing her account now and she was busy with work when she hand her account over.

Abina, afked also....

Zeph / Volt kept on playing but later went to League of Legion, 

I don't think anyone from Combat Smurfs are still playing by now, not too sure about the other legion, haven't seen the name Angels of Anarchy around in the past 3 years. 

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Thanks for the info Len-KT. I have had many surgeries in the past few years so i haven't been able to play and it seems that time has worked against me yet again. I hope this post stays open so that others can reply if anything does come up, also make sure to have them send me mail in game, i would love to talk with them again. Heh i remember when the level cap was 55, or maybe it was 60 and i was just chillin at 55, and i met chanteria outside of morhiem doing some quest. My name was the same (Turrell) but he was a gladiator, i later then rerolled after joining combat smurfs and kept the name the same and made him a tank for the legion, since they were short staffed on main needed roles.. She was the only one i took under my wing to help teach her about AION, we were inseparable until i had to leave do to getting this rare skin disease about 3 or so years ago.. I will just keep playing for a little while longer, it's all i can do at the moment, because i lost her irl info to keep in contact. Who knows maybe i'll try making another legion for them if they ever come back online.

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Well it looks like  my short stay is already at an end again. I have to get ready to go under the knife again. I might not be able to come back for quite some time.

For everyone that doesn't know me Welcome to Aion. For everyone i pissed off i'm sorry, especially jahzz i'm sure she's mad at me.

I hope you all stay well and for chanteria (chant) i hope you get to feeling better. Everyone stay healthy, keep this post open in case anyone wants to add something.

Your struggles may be few,  they may be many, they may be long and they be challenging, but know that no matter where you are or what you have to face  it wont last forever.

No matter how long i'm gone  or how far away i am, Aion will always be my home.

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