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Sort of escalating this problem in hopes of getting the appropriate action I am requiring.

About Friday am midnight-1am I went to redemption landing on my sorc "noxism" to purchase a major conditioning level 2 item from the npc so i could  condition his apollon's armor set. When I purchased the item the npc took the 50 medals but no conditioning was deposited in my inventory. I spent about two minutes scanning my inventory in hopes that my eyes just didn't catch the item mixed in with all the junk i have on that toon. To my disappointment the conditioning was no where to be found in my inventory: so I submitted a ticket in hopes of either recovering the medals that were taken or a conditioning so I could condition my sorcs gears.

Originally got a reply from GM Shajem that he had viewed the logs and that it showed I had purchased the item and used it. I explained to him that I had not because had I my armor would have been conditioned like I wanted it to be later he replied stating that he had reverified the logs. At this time I became irritated because neither did I get the medals back or a conditioning or my armor conditioned itself, instead i was stuck there waiting. So I stated to have another GM to revisit the issue and resubmitted a ticket to get this issue resolved. GM Enitsuji was then the one to reply and replied with what  I felt was just a generic reply  and also was the one to answer the other ticket where I had stated what had happened in the previous ticket. He attached the previous ticket and the new one together.

It is already Wednesday morning here as I type this. The tickets have been closed with the grey solved status, my sorc is still without one of the following things done: 50 medals, a conditioning in his inventory or his armor conditioned to level 2. If you could please do one of these things for me or have the appropriate person informed that I require assistance on having one of these items done for me on my sorc it would be greatly appreciated. If need be I could list the ticket id numbers.

Thank you,

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Hi there,

I had a similar problem a while ago on my KT asmo. I was unable to purchase this same item. By any chance, were you watching the number of medals in your inventory? Here's what happened to me:

I clicked on the Major Deep Conditioning item to purchase. 50 medals were taken from my inventory; this deduction of 50 medals appeared in my chat log. Then, a message appeared telling me I was unable to buy this item. At this point, with no subsequent message showing up in the chat log, my 50 medals were then returned to me. No notification, no sound, nothing.

I prodded this NPC several times over a few days (figuring it was probably some weekly max purchase limit), and the same thing always happened. I didn't lose a single blood medal from all these tries.

Of course, I don't have any explanation for what happened with Support, but if you could confirm that you really are short 50 blood medals, I think it would help greatly. Good luck getting it resolved!

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