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Fairy Tail DN Elyos Recruit


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                                                                                                                            Legion Information:

Rebuilding the legion by Hiraku  to make friends and help new players in the game. This is an-English speaking legion. We loved doing PvPvE. We're helping newbies teaching and help them gear up, we are really freindly with every player,we got mature and kind staff inside the legion who is always ready to help a player in a term of need. We love to do end-game instances and pvp instances too such as OW,IDL,KBF,A.Dredgion ect. There are no any kind of Qualification to get in the legion but the most important rule is "respect others".

Everyone is welcome in any lvl and from any time zone, if some people want to help to build the legion pm or mail to hiraku in game.

See u in game


How to Join

Reply here in the forum with these information:
Forum name: xYuki
IGN: xYuki
Main Class: Songweaver
Or pm The BG or one of the deputies in game

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