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LFG channel and another global one


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I think LFG is misused at this point, it is the only global channel and people use it for everything, not just for "looking for group". The fault is partially that all other channels are not global or they are not public (like custom made channels), or are class exclusive.

How about we have a new Global Public Chat channel where everything is possible (like LFG is now). Lets say with shortcut /p (for public) or another number like /0
Make the trade /2 channel global so people can link their items there and spam their WTS/WTB/WTT chat.
Finally the LFG channel should be only possible to be used via the LFG window, it would still appear on chat if you have it open, but you shouldn't be using /3 to talk because then you turn it again into a chat channel. And of course you shouldn't be able to link items there so people will still not abuse it for sales and other staff.

What do you guys think

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