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Fallen From Grace - Asmo (DN)


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Fallen From Grace is an Asmodian Legion on Danaria. The legion was formed by a few friends who are longtime Aion veterans. 

We grew to level 6 and then decided to take a break to explore other games, interests. After nearly a year, we’re back and looking to add to our ranks.

The legion is in rebuilding mode. Most of our members left once the servers merged. So why should you join?

You should join if you like the small, family close-knit feeling. You should join if you’re a new or returning player and are absolutely clueless as to how the game is played. We can help you. You should join if you’re looking for people to pvp, pve or run instances with. Lastly, you should join because our legion cape is pretty awesome.

Our BG is currently on Kata but will be back on Danaria come Wednesday. Feel free to join our Discord and ask questions or message us here, or in game. 

You can also click Join from the Legion menu 

BG - Vangelis 

 Deputy - BeMoe 

Deputy - Dougie 

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