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peitan spellbook


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There's no reason to use a peitan weapon as bottom combine (there's plenty of archdaeva weapons with higher bonus stats, which also accept archdaeva manastones, while peitan can only be used with composites or ancient manastones), and if you wanted to use it on top then you can't put a prime weapon as bottom combine, because the highest level weapon HAS to be on top (peitan is L65, prime is L75, so prime would have to be on top).

The only good use for a peitan weapon is as a MA weapon (the base MA is 123 points higher than a Master Harvester spellbook, for comparison), but even as such it's a meh-tier choice for this patch as you'd be sacrificing tons of MB and pvp attack (compared to L80 weapons), so if say you were trying to solo kill a geared MR cleric you'd land all your skills but you'd do wet noodle damage.

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