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Morphing + Crafting professions future


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It is sad how this game was so rich with crafting professions, that could make money, gathering materials that had a reason to exist... and now all we do it remove everything good from this game for the same of luck or bots farming materials for the server. You upgrade the game but don't upgrade all the good things that go with it.

Now that crafting professions are all useless (except Alchemy for potions and scrolls) and morphing is useful only for those specific materials for alchemy... is there any hope we will get an upgrade in future?

How about they can even increase the aethertapping and essencetapping beyond 499.

Now for crafting professions, I know Aetherforging is there to rule them all since it is one crafting profession to rule them all since you can make anything with it, armor, consumables, weapons, materials etc.

BUT what about morphing? Ancient Aether was ever used for anything? I only got them to sell them. Why not have 66+ morphing recipes with Ancient Aether? And to make it harder make those morphing recipes 66+, or put other requirements that won't be spammable and ruin the market? (Morphing never ruined the market, it actually shaped it in pre-66 items, it just made materials easily accessible and practically made essencetapping worthless)

Anyway, I really wish we got 66+ morphing recipes for materials, whatever the requirements are. Pre 5.6 we would get mythic items as world drop and now they removed it, that increased the prices of basic materials by 10x~20x. For example ancient crafting stones went even for 150~200k now they go for 3~5m or more in Siel, the only reason why Spirit Stone of Eternity is staying low is because of that Landing NPC that sells 100x of them for about 110k each.

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Correction: Ancient Crafting stones went that hig when 5.6 launched, not they are in a better price. But you get my point.

when max level was 55, professions were up to 55, when we got level cap to 60, professions went up to 60 and then it was 65 and we got the professions upgraded.

Now we got up to 75 but none of this is  upgraded.

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