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Anyone on DN Asmo (NA) side interested in starting a legion? Pref Oceanic


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Hey all,

I've been back to the game about a month after 2 years absence (I was OG 2009 with breaks in between), and I was originally trying to settle back in to the Elyos side on Danaria. As hard as I've been trying to gear and put my hand up for instance runs, I'm finding it extra difficult to get through the cliques/regular groups. In other words, it's all feeling very elitist, and not very helpful for new or returning players. It's extremely frustrating to be passed up for your level or gear when you know you're a decent player, you do well in pugs when you can actually get into a run, and as much as you progress you still feel way behind. It'd be nice to be a part of something that just "gives you a chance". And tbh, I'd like to help other people in that boat too.

I missed playing Asmo so I've rolled a few fresh toons on Asmo Danaria to see if the grass is a little greener. However, since I also play Australian time, I need to find some late nighters and others from the Oceanic region.

Would anyone, preferably most active in Oceanic timezone, be interested in building a legion from scratch and working on a small community towards 6.0? I have experience running guilds from other games, I just don't know anyone in Aion anymore, and I've been really enjoying it again - just sucks playing solo!

Please PM/Mail Lylleana or Vhenna in game or PM me here if you'd be interested.

Thanks for your time!

P.S. I'm primarily a PvE player. I don't mind dealing with PvP but I don't prioritise it.

P.P.S. I already created a personal legion with high hopes in mind!

P.P.P.S. Alternatively I also have a personal legion on Elyos side with all my highest level toons (70-72).

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