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In memory of you...


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Today is one of those days that strengthen my in game beliefs. Today is one of those days that corroborate that strong bonds of friendhsip can be developed in a game community, such as this. Today is one of those days during which i want to scream ''why? why you?''. We are all here trying to find a way to escape from our real life problems/routine and entertain ourselves in a healthy way, during which we have the chance to get to know people all over the world. Blacks, whites, gays, lesbians, christians, muslims, beautiful diversities and personalities all over the world.

We are all part of the same game community, interacting with new and old players, creating bonds with them, seeking for fun and fun only. We are all real people, we are not pixels. Keep this in mind, behind a toon there's a real person, a person that has emotions, feelings, hopes, problems and fears...

People come, people leave, people live, people die... like that, unexpectedly.

Today i want to pay tribute to a peson of this game community, a tribute to one of the kindest persons i had the chance to get to know in Aion, among others. A person with an exceptional personality, a pure heart and a fighter of life. A person who never insulted anyone and always willing to help.

I love you brother, you gave your best fight. God wanted you next to him. I wish we all could give you a .... last embrace :'( Rest in peace :'( 

NOONE IS A PIXEL! I'm sorry, i'm  shocked and emotionally broken :'( 

P.S. Ming, hang tight man, hang tight there.

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