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Gear Equipment Crashing Client at Character Screen


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An Issue with Gear Equipment Crashing Client at Character Screen

I had this issue two times so far and this issue is only account specific, meaning if such issue occurs to you on one account it stays with that account but it won’t happen on the alternate account, i.e., you will be able to log into you alt account without issues . Getting back to the issue, the first time I had it, it was on my cleric when I equipped Elite Royal Guardian Sentinel's   [Spinel Coin Gear]. After equipping it the client crashed. After restarting the client would come to the character screen and crash again. However I was able to log in onto my other account without issues. I had to write to NCsupport about this, and they suggested me the age old long manual repair option i.e., to delete the folder, run NCsoft client and dow nload the files manually though file repair, especially folders: L10N, data bin32 and bin34. I did that but it still did not fix the issue. I then asked NCsupport to remove the gear from my toon and they did, but the problem with crash still persisted. At last I had to seek help from my Legion BG, who I gave my accound ID and password and told her to put on another gear using the macro on the hotbar. After this was done I was able to log into the game again on that account.  The second time I again got this same issue when I equipped Apollon Battle Gear set on my Aethertech which is on another account on 27 Aug 2018, The issue was again account specific and initiated as soon as I finished equipping all apollon gear, the client crashed again. I was able to log in my other account [cleric] without issues except for my for my AT account.  And again NCsoft suggest me to do the manual repair which I did and downloaded the entire folder listed in the image below namely [bin32, bin64, data, effects, event, l10N, levels, objects, plugins, Shaders, and Textures]. After 4-5 hours of file repair and downloading entirely all folders again, when I clicked on Play on NC client, I got XIGNCODE error. So I deleted XIGNCODE subfolders in bin32 and bin64, and redid the file repair and instead of clicking play. I restarted the PC instead. This fixed the XIGNCODE error issue But my client went to character screen and crashed again =.=. As a last resort I deleted the remaining files outside the main folders which I have not downloaded through file repair namely [Aion.bat, cc.ini, config.ini, NULL, pak_log.dat, Pub.key, sc_renew.dat, system.cfg, SystemOptionGraphics.cfg]. After doing this my client went to the server selection page [Danaria/Katalam] after accepting terms and agreement I clicked on options on lower left of the screen instead of directly entering character screen and checked my graphic settings. As this had resettled my screen size window setting and graphics to default, so I had to change it to low keeping the shader quality at default I changed the screen size to windowed and clicked on the server name to enter it and then I was finally able to enter my character screen and this time I could see all my characters and was able to enter the game properly. I mentioned this alternate solution to NCsupport after this issue was resolved and I was suggested by the NCsupport to post it in forums so that it can help people who come across it, and  would not waste hours in repair-downloading every subfolder in AION Folder. I would like to suggest that instead of downloading all those huge sized folders, try and repair the files outside them and see if it fixes the issue first.  I hope that this helps those distressed souls experiencing this issue.  

Thank you.

PS: Attaching copy image of files I deleted that fixed the issue and all the files and folder I had downloaded before that. You can see the modified date and see the folders I had to re-download entirely in the



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