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Broker app!


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I know that there's "an app for everything", but there's alot of blindspits there. I know the devs have alot on their hands with the game, but I think they should release a mobile app where we can access the broker system through our account. Obviously with the inability to buy, sell, or collect our profits from sold items, but that's not the point. After all, wouldn't be nice to just check up on the items you're selling or checking whether or not there's a good deal worth logging in for? And all from your phone on the go too?! Now, if you could buy/sell/collect via this app, that'd be pretty rad! But wouldn't the ability to just check the broker/house auction system from your phone be the coolest?! Also, why not an app where we can care for our pets on the go? I understand if that one's outta the question, but haven't you ever wanted to snuggle your favorite little dorion or cute little ribbit without the hassle of logging in? Or maybe even to just show off your favorite little helpers to your friends!

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