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Essence Crystals


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So, the fact that we can do a quest to get more Essence is great.  

But do the quest every time and get max essence will take 750 DAYS, That's nearly two full years, assuming you never miss a single daily quest.  

I would really like to see the introduction of more quests that give Essence Piece's and Essence Crystals.  This would speed the process up and actually make them more attainable.  I get that we shouldn't be able to get all that essence super quick, but requiring two years is sort of ridiculous.  

Additionally, I think it would be a REALLY GREAT IDEA to introduce those two items as event rewards for some of your upcoming events.  Maybe even give us all an Essence Crystal in a survey on the 22nd of September as a Happy Birthday Aion gift?  I know I'm dreaming.  

I just really like the idea of being able to make my character better without having to level up directly, and would like to see more of this feature.

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