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Transformation Fusing Event


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As the title says, I suggest an event that will allow people to convert (for example,) 3 or 4 transformations of the same grade to get their transformation of choice, ALSO of the same grade. The fusion could, for example, be initiated via an item that could be acquired through normal event means, and or through the BCM. 

For example:

- Get the item required for transformation conversion via BCM/regular event means (running instances and getting 25 event/quest items that can be turned in for the fusion item)

- Fuse: A Rotund, Denku, and a Bloodfang to get a Cat (all of these are same grade)

Yep, this benefits a lot of people (including myself), but this kind of temporary "safety net" would also benefit the business by encouraging people to possibly spend, knowing that they'd get what they need. My two cents.



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