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Obtaining Shards


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The one and only way to obtain enough shards is by farming with the main char since it is not tradeable. But I cannot farm, it is so boring and repetitive and we have to face the fact we are full of bots farming non stop.

I would really love to see shards broker-tradeable or at least be able to share them between our chars in the same account. This way I could do CoE solo with all my chars in that account and share the shards because open world farming is literally cancer.

And shards are not even meant for 90% of pve but rather for pvp (yeah using it in bosses' instances does play a major role). Shouldn't we be able to obtain shards via pvp means too? Shards are such a big turntable in pvp if used vs not used.

What I mean is that doing pve so I can benefit in pvp... wasn't this supposed to be removed in 6.0+. Shards are like what... +15% dmg, that is a big difference.

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