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Thank You NCSoft


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Dear Ncsoft, 

nyerk you!
nyerk your Math!
nyerk your RNG!

I dont need to break it down for you, I am sure most people would know how your calculations are nyerked up. I do not believe you do any calculations. I think you use the RNG algorithm to determine cost of items (whether it is bought with kinah, gold ingots, or with event items). You either have no control of what you can do, or you have absolutely incompetent decision makers. 

If you have given up on this game and just waiting for it to implode, just say so already! You don't need to nyerk people off before you do that.

I get that you want to make money from the game. It is a business after all... Just fix your shit to make that money. Look at your Daishunerk's rewards! you've got to be dry fking me if you expect me to pay for this shit. I spent thousands of dollars in attempt to get a legendary transformation. When I finally get one, it is not even for my class. 

Get your shit together and unnyerk yourselves. Something that might help you: 

  • Play YOUR nyerking game! actively play your game without giving yourself top shit. start from scratch and play. It will help you understand the community when they complain about something.
  • Do some calculations and check if it is at all possible to get max gear with current drop rates and success rates for this patch. I would LOVE to see your best and worst case calculations (assuming 100% siege attendance, burning every CD, and 100 daily completion) that is for the try-hard portion of your community.  
  • Tell the community what your plans are to address their issues. Don't just provide a general statement! It sounds like, "Sorry about your experience! We are discussing your concerns with our development team. Here is a link to our forums. Next time you have something to complain about, please go cry there along with other players. We know there is always one dumb ass who will support us there without having to defend ourselves".

Kind regards!

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