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Daevanion SIN


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Hello i see today bad description or stat Dizzyng Ambush Skill because say do 897 attack and the real Dyzzing Ambush do 2448 physical damage. i think this is a bug .

Dyzzing Ambush:
6.2 Usage EffectJumps behind a target's back within 20m of you to inflict 2448 physical damage. May also stun target. Increases movement speed for 5s by 30%. Has a longer Stun duration than Flash Ambush. Up to three skills used afterward will be critical hits.


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1 hour ago, Thamuz-DN said:

where is the patch update for see that? (this is custom nerfed)


I don't think they ever included it in the maintenance notes for us. It was also nerfed in EU during this update: https://board.en.aion.gameforge.com/index.php/Thread/4333-Maintenance-30-10-2018/ 

At the bottom you will see: "Assassin Skill got fixed: [Daevanion] Swift Heavy Attack."

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