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Palace - and more houses outside pernon


More Houses outside Pernon  

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I have an Estate in Pernon and I am the lucky few that have one, I am not sure if we have a palace and if yes then where is it.

But I would love to see more houses outside pernon as well. Since there are already houses outside Pernon why not more? The maps are full of mountains and plenty of room could have been used in housing, especially now that leveling is obsolete and going around the map is not done by anyone, why not have houses in areas that will bring back memories?

I would love to have a house in Brusthonin, one of the few maps that remind me of Spring time since in majority it is a sunny bright area with plenty of beaches.
But the melancholy of Beluslan could also do me, get out of the house and see the snowed mountains.

EDIT: I also never bothered stocking up furniture and items for my studio, later estate, and at the moment there is absolutely no way to get decoration other than from other people. Please bring back the luna crafts for furniture, or include them in aetherforging.

I know this has to be addressed to the developers, tell them to bring back the fun of Aion, enough with simplicity.

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