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I just wanted to get everyone's opinion on events in general.  Now that we actually have reasonable enchantment rates and ways of getting higher tier stones, I really don't think events that just have everything we need should come to the game.  Getting to the top should be a grind, and having events in which amazing gear is handed out for free defeats the purpose.  Before, it was probably too much of a grind, but at least in this version, it's not impossible.  If everyone is running around in full ultimate gear, there's no point in working hard to succeed in the game.

I know that the shugoling event was widely disliked by the community but I actually really liked it, at least by design.  It wasn't just "log in once a day for a 10% chance of getting ultimate gear," you actually had to play the game in order to get rewards.  And while you couldn't get hundreds of legendary stones, at least killing the king felt like some sort of an achievement, even if it was easy as hell.  My only issue was that the good stones were of limited purchase, but again, by design it felt right.  And yes, I know that weaker factions had issues killing the king, but at least it was possible in the same way that weaker factions can get Anomos.  Furthermore, I don't think that this was the event's fault as much as it is a core issue of the game.

Basically what I'm saying is that there's healthy and unhealthy grinding.  In the last patch, events were absolutely needed for people to progress in the game because the grinding was unhealthy and unproductive at large.  With these new rates and this new crafting system, I think that the grind will be healthy and doable and thus events would overall make the game less enjoyable.

Maybe there's another side to this that I'm missing.  I'd love to hear thoughts.

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