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Update "Luna Dice Game" (Daishunerk's Game of Fate)


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NC, can you update "Luna Dice Game" (Daishunerk's Game of Fate)? There literally isn't one reward worth playing it for. There's items already in there that are decent to help fill a loot table (i.e Lv 80 Manastone, Stigma Enchant stone, Transformation Contract, Transparent Transformation..maybe not as a higher tier reward), but by themselves they are not a goal or reason to spend real-life money to play the game for. There needs to be higher ticket goal items. Especially when you charge 30 Luna per one regular dice roll
It's not even guaranteed that you will get the Laughing Shugo (LS) dice on each roll. You need LS dice for better reward tier boxes. You also need 5 for the "Golden Dice" roll, then it costs even more Luna for a "Golden Dice" roll (max 2 rolls). But wait, there's more, then for the Golden Roll you need to get lucky to roll at least 1 Golden Shugo dice for a 2nd highest tier box (Blue) and 2 LS dice for the Highest Tier box (Purple), which the Laughing Shugo dice are still not guaranteed.

That's a lot of Luna (real life money) to spend for lackluster rewards. Adjusting the rewards would open a large opportunity for income and happy players.

Some suggestions for rewards:

  • Skins (Porgus costume, Denku/Tomul sets, Balic Craft sets i.e "Wise Dragon King's", Springbloom Uniform, Sea Serpent Harp, Glittering Heart, Hair tickets, etc.)
    • You could even rotate the skins (or other items) every X amount of time (i.e every 4 weeks) to increase urgency.
    • I'll say it again, Wonder Girls Dance emotes/skins in the Purple (highest tier) reward box (or BCM) = $$$$
    • With the amount of skins you removed from being able to purchase in game & on BCM, having more (than just 1) skins in Daishunerk's Game of Fate would be enticing.
    • New skins that haven't been available before
  • Lockbox key
  • Ancient/Legendary Daevonian Skill box
  • Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone 
  • Berdin's x% Drop Amulet
  • Motion Cards
  • Emotes
  • Versatile Dye
  • Instance Reset Scroll
  • Oriel skins you needed Guestpetals/Guestblooms for.


Other suggestions welcomed. Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk.

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