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LFG restrictions or chat options


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LFG is being used by characters as low as lvl 10 now, which takes a few minutes to make. I have been bombarded by kinah sellers that make lvl 10 toons and LFG that
"hai frend, sorry to bother you, pleze buy kinah have a good day" or something.

They make a lot of characters, I block them all, and report them for kinah selling. But they keep making new characters over and over again, and they make them all together, before you can block one, there are like 10 more to come and spam you. You also HAVE to block those because they will use them for at least one hour before they delete them and make a new char. I see they vanish from my block list so that means they delete the chars since everyone has them blocked.

Previously the min level to use LFG was lvl 20, heck bringing that back would at least make it harder for them to spam us.

Suggestion: Give us the ability to hide messages from people lower than a level that we will choose. There is an option "hide messages from players lower than 10" which is probably the most ridiculous thing ever, since characters lower than lvl 10 cannot use LFG nor whisper anyone as far as I know (unless they changed that too).

In the tab options we can choose what chat to show or hide in every tab, so why not offer us client-side way to stop looking at chat and text from people that are lower than a level that we will decide?

If this is too much, at least make LFG possible after lvl 30 or 40 or something. Real players would need 1 hour to reach lvl 30 and communicate, kinah selelrs would have hard time making a lot of alts to spam since they would get blocked instantly.

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