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{Event} Why Hello - Dear Daeva, Friends & Foe {Event}

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Hello to all :$ :D   

We have posted before, but here goes another forum post B|   

Please join and check out AION's REALM discord @ https://discord.gg/CngQQAZ

@Prince Kuli has posted a nice event for all interested in the General tab :x :


  • Prince KuliToday at 3:30 PM

@everyone [GIVEAWAY EVENT] PrinceKuli Stream, Wednesday 7pm PST. - hello everyone, I hope my message finds you well! Tomorrow during my stream I’ll be doing giveaways for those that attend and also for those that have been contributing and answer questions on the stream about the new patch. That’s pretty much all I can tell you for now stay tuned and make sure you turn in 7 PM tomorrow mountain standard time. ️ - Special thanking to: @Zipzap @Seiss @Méchanique , because your support and friendship, research, and skill set is so clumsy <3 ️.



Join the AION's REALM discord

Follow Prince Kuli on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/princekuli

And wait for clumsy updates :)

*Everyone is Welcome - All Servers / All Factions - bring a friend Balaur too ^_^

**Please touch " ZipZap [Dratto]#8626 " and text him in Discord if unable to join // or ZipZap-DN if I'm in game

Good luck everyone xD


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