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Wasting NC Coins due to bad naming


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In the housing section there are two Cabinets:

  • Pleasant Camping Cabinet - 3 drawer
  • Comfortable Camping Cabinet - 3 drawer

...I know the cabinets with same "types" share slots, but my only 3-drawer cabinets are "simple" and "convenient" and these two are "pleasant" and "comfortable" to their name and in the description on the BCM it is not mentioned otherwise.

So I purchase each of them for 1440 NC coins, for a total 2880 NC coins (aka more than 30$ worth of NC coin) only to place them on my estate and realize they are also convenient and simple!!!

I am going to open a ticket and reclaim my NC coin, otherwise I will never spend a single dime on this game if they are going to cheat on us like this!

But they also better put the names and the explanation in the BCM, we do not know how many slots the pets have, we do not know what type the cabinets are and other items also lack explanations... in the previous BCM the explanation were far better, why did you decide to degrade BCM is beyond me.

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