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Switching the morph requirements for PvP stones


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Currently: You need, for example, 1 legendary ridium and like 5 spirit fragments to morph 10 ancient PvP to 1 legendary PvP stone chest.

Proposal: Switch the requirements. I.e., make it so you need 5 legendary ridium and 1 spirit fragments to morph.


  1. Spirit fragments are more scarce and harder to get than ridium. They can be expensive too. This is effectively saying only those with enough kinah and already upgraded all their pvp gear can optimally morph, because you also need a lot of them to upgrade your pvp gear, whereas ridiums are much easier to obtain--so much so that I have an excess of them just from doing the pvp contents. 
  2. Ridium comes directly from pvp-related stuff. And it's a sensible that if you PvP, you should get better pvp equipment. On the other hand, spirit fragments can be totally farmed. While expensive, there is no practical limit to it, as long as you got enough material/kinah. This is counterintuitive to the purpose of providing these higher grade pvp stones.
  3. Because of reason #1, for majority of the players, ridium is much more common than having spirit fragments. This change would stay in line with the PvE morph, where you are required 5 ancient guiding stones-- the more common material-- and 1 legendary kibrium, which before this patch (via Pandora) was way less common and really only obtained from occasional boss mob spawns.
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