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2 Random disconnections in 5 mins.


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I've been noticing this too.  I went afk for 5 mins and when I came back I was dced.  It wasn't even a crash.  It was a deliberate server disconnection.  I was told that these type of unnecessary disconnections no longer occurred in the 6.2 patch notes.  My internet was working fine. 

It also looks like you guys don't close the client when you disconnect players from the server, which has been causing the application to freeze since the 6.2 patch.  Since the application is in a modal window and it is frozen, I can't alt tab to see the task manager and use it to close the app even if I am able to launch it with ctrl alt del.  This means I have to restart my PC every time I leave for 5 mins with Aion open.  This is unacceptable.

Can you please fix this?

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